Saturday, July 13, 2013

"no immediate threat"

survivor:fukushima the global game of genocide

silence is consent and not warning others is to be an

What we are witnessing is a manufactured crisis on a

global scale that cannot be denied not defined by visuals,

smell or touch.  One of the weapons that is silent and

persistent and ever so deadly that is preferred by the

psychopaths over mere bombs and bullets for the crime is

easy to dismiss as "no immediate threat".

"no immediate threat" like chemtrails

"no immediate threat" printing money into obsolesence

"no immediate threat" like gmo

"no immediate threat" govt spying and metadata


"no immediate threat" like vaccines with mercury etc.

"no immediate threat" like the billions of bullets bought by dhs.

Funny thing this odorless, colorless invisible poison radiation.. the govt loves it more than money which is a huge thing to them. It also allows the media to ignore it and dismiss concerns since it is "not an immediate threat" like perhaps elephants dropping from the sky would be.
KPOV the local public broadcasting whores will not allow me to discuss it without attending a "mandatory" DJ class which is only available at the Bend Campus which is trouble for me as a disabled vet that supposedly fought for freedom of speech............I guess they need to do a prostrate exam and collect DNA, fecal and urine samples for future weapons development.

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