Thursday, July 4, 2013

I feel like the last to know the real evil that is the state of this thing called nuclear.
Everything is contaminated, it's a wonder there is anything left alive on this planet.
How could this be so huge and so discreet without a massive media complicit in the crimes, there seems no crime this big could be so ignored by anyone with a conscious. It seems the entire structure of government is to kill us off by any and all means now, whether radiation, gmo or those ever present streams in the sky that already bear enough killer rads to do the job but the govt's of the world remain silent about the extra toxins in the chemtrails they spray upon us.
Where is God in all of this? Do I bear the blame? Could I  have possibly done anything when the plot was written eons ago for us all?
Seems pointless to take interest in screaming at such a massive evil agenda when most of the world would rather ignore reality and exist within the construct evil has built.
Ignorance by will or by deceit? Has this greater evil any chance at truly paying for the crimes when there are so many eager, willing accomplices to the end game?
I am caught between worlds it seems, as if being human is by default being the monster by ignorance or by selling out to satan.
Where is true compassion in a world built to destroy it..........

Do take the time to visit the link and be prepared to be shocked.

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