Sunday, July 21, 2013

to Pearl @ KPOV

to Pearl

silence means approval or submission of genocide. its been two weeks
and not a word from you.

so at least answer me this, are you looking forward to the millions of
dead, or are you willing to give in to the thought that 90% of
everyone you know could be dead or dying in 5 years or less by
remaining silent?

do you believe that duty to obama is above that of 7 billion others on
this planet?

do you think that tepco is actually capable of stopping the damage
already done or even capable of fixing the continued war on humanity
spewing from fukushima?

isn't a event like this the purpose of global co-operation and pooled
resources and tepco should be begging for help and not shunning it or
even been replaced after 850+ days of billions of hot particles every
day?  into the seas, the skies and the soils.  forever. iodine 129 has
a half,, HALF life of 15,700 years and one subatomic particle can
actually kill you and yours.

answer any of the above questions or all

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