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GET OUT OF JAPAN! Media Cover-Up


Uploaded on Mar 15, 2011
When they admitted Cesium had been released into the atmosphere and that seawater was being injected into the core, they knew these reactors (at least 3, probably 6, cores) were going to melt down and they know exactly how bad this is going to get. The world's governments are involved in a MASSIVE COVER-UP and are working together to keep this minimized and secret. Officials and media talking heads are breaking the law and allowing people to die for lack of their info dissemination!

NORMALLY, any venting of primary cooling water is a serious issue. Three Mile Island is an example of this happening. As bearings turn in the reactor cooling pumps, the cobalt (picked to resist wear) coating on those bearings gets worn off and gets into the primary cooling system, becomes irradiated, and becomes a danger in the form of CO-60.

In JAPAN, when they announced cesium was detected after a venting. This meant SPECIFICALLY that melting had occurred in the core. If cesium had been vented, this meant that cooling water was actually coming in contact with core material, meaning that the sleeves that keep water out of the core material had been breaches, and this core material was being released in the venting process.

Cesium and strontium are fission bi-products. They are created when the fuel, uranium or plutonium, fissions, breaks apart, and forms these bi-products. Cesium and strontium, like cobalt 60, are a health and safety concern because unlike many of the other bi-products, certain isotopes of these elements are highly radioactive and stay that way for a very, very long time. (half lives in the millions of years for some of them)

Upon detection of the cesium in the atmosphere after a venting procress, the nuclear engineers knew that the water was getting in the nuclear fuel, mixing with that fuel, and some of the bi-products were getting in that water and being vented under the high pressures into the atmosphere. This meant that they knew the core was internally breached. This also meant that they knew their cooling system was no longer going to function properly, which is why they turned to seawater to flood the core.

However, their decision to use seawater telegraphs more information that can be used to show Japan is involved in a cover-up, and every other nuclear powered country in the world is complicit in that cover-up.

Of all the ways to cool a reactor, pure water, a filtered water that is Ph adjusted to almost 10, is used to resist ANY corrosion, as even the smallest maintenence tasks in a reactor are major tasks. Normally, only a tiniest amounts of make-up water must be added to maintain proper levels of water in the primary. If a leak is sprung, they have about 1-5 times the amount of pure water on reserve to add to the core to maintain levels until the leak is repaired. If the leak is greater than the reserve of pure water onhand, they would resort to using fresh water from the local water treatment plants (use the faucet). Every drop of this water would be a hazard due to the irradiation of the tiny particulate in the tap water being irradiated, but at least it would be clean, fresh, water.

Seawater is the last reort! Seawater, is not only corrosive as hell due to the salt, it contains high levels of iodine that will result in a nightmare contamination crisis. Their decision to use seawater told us that they were incredibly desperate and resorting to "Hail Mary" attempts to cool the reactor.

So, to recap, on Friday, before even the 1st explosion, they admitted that there was a cesium release and that they were using seawater to cool at least 1 reactor core. This meant SPECIFICALLY that they knew a core was breached and that they were desperate to keep that core cool! It is Tuesday, now, and they are barely even acknowledging that Japan is about to become a 3rd world country, and half the people in the country will either have to leave Japan or die from a horrible radiation sickness.


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