Friday, August 2, 2013

The pension problem, the dollar problem and the coming fukushima genocide "solution".

The pension problem, the dollar problem and the coming fukushima genocide "solution".
All of these are tied together like bread and butter, the global cabal has over promised and underfunded across such a huge scale they see no way out but to reduce the claims by eliminating the beneficiaries, IE killing you off.
Everywhere you look the widescale theft and fraud committed by corporations IE: governments city, state and federal alike have imminent liabilities far outstripping the funds set aside.
to "fix" the problem they rely on wars, genocides and staged events to reduce the claimants and seize assets, like the swiss banks did with many accounts post ww2. Here in america the states and the federal govt have death taxes, inheritance taxes that give them the right to swoop in upon your death and claim a piece of the available pie, if not seize the entire estate to boot. Two problems solved with YOUR death by whatever means at their disposal. By covering up fukushima they will cash in.
Anyone really believe they don't know whats going to happen here?
 Anyone think they really don't know whats going to happen here? Still believe in the easter bunny and the tooth fairy as well?
The death rate will far outstrip the claims, while enriching the medical system built to strip mine you and yours of any cash available before giving you the "terminal" diagnosis and sending you to a hospice to let them feed on your carcass as well.
Our certain future has always been death, but until now we pretended our promised retirement was secure.
 Aflac is already selling cancer insurance to the japanese, how long before you see tv ads promoting them stateside?  I have every reason to believe they are coming and the policies will most certainly be riddled with loopholes big enough to drag texas stadium through with ease. Watch for them.

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