Monday, October 28, 2013

Fukushima, Fallout, Contaminated Waters and Lands do not stop in Japan

Seems to be a fad to think of the Pacific alone getting the brunt of the radionuclides from the Fukushima event of 322.  While most of the time the contaminated rainwaters reported on are from the plant location alone the radiation is now and was from the start a planet wide catastrophe.
Typhoon season in the western pacific brings more than wind and water though, it brings the endless radiation upon the lands and waters of japan right into the pacific as well, where they are recycled endlessly into more storms across the globe.  The worst imaginable perpetual motion machine of death.
The thoughtless masses doing chores in the rain or simply caught in a brief rainfall can be assured of a dose of the fukushima flu.  Your doctor sure won't be telling you were your particular cancer came from GE, Raytheon, Monsanto or IBM, and background radiation is localized from only a  few thousand % to a billion parts per billion of nuclear love nuggets.
I anticipate football stadiums echoing nothingness, shipping ports vacated, seafood processing plants vacated, boats abandoned as nuclear waste.  Death is coming via particles too small to avoid, smaller than we can taste until the sickly metallic sting settles in.  Death is coming because he has been profitable since the dawn of time and ever more so in these times of franchised slavery in for profit prisons and free range slaves having their wages and privacy turned over to a global infestation of fascism.
Bombs and Bullets just didn't kill people enough until they became nuclear, the gift that just keeps giving, depleted uranium is simply the natural evolution of the sick minds of the humans here on "earth".  Cluster bombs, land mines and chemical and biological weapons are so "yesterday".
If humanity had any sense of regret I sure do not see it, marching to a certain death for a corporation(s) is seen as the highest role the fascist hostages can attain via the medal of honor.  Sacrifice and suffering seen as useful and needed to participate in the human race toward total genocide of the species. Slaughter and slavery of body and mind no longer hidden by history books but delivered to your  mind at 60Mghz on a flat screen of 1920dpi  HD engineered mind control.
If someday an actual intelligent species does stumble across my thoughts, do not expect these ramblings to fit the mass graves and hollow thoughts of the pyramid builders or their infected dupes.
Just as before, we live in a dysfunctional matrix that infests the valleys and the waters, the hills and the skies. Death wins again.

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