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Radiation from Fukushima sinks US economy.

Radiation from Fukushima sinks US economy. 


Published on Aug 1, 2013
The wave of radiation from Fukushima will kill the US fishing industry in 2016.
That is when the full impact of the millions of gallons of radioactive water will wash ashore
on the west coast.

GE built all the atomic reactors in Japan, that have now
boom-a-ranged back to the US
to sink the US fishing industry.

The US must switch to 100% solar in 2014 to save our economy.

Each city must pass a Feed in Tariff to force the US Utilities to pay farmers $0.33 kwh to harvest solar energy.

Lancaster, Ca., now requires every home to be 100% solar powered.

The FiT can save the US economy, if you & 5 friends get active to pass a FiT law in your city.

Why is the Chinese economy growing so rapidly? It made the switch from oil to solar.
China adopted solar power goal in 1955, during the Great Leap Forward, when the Mao Government ordered the building of millions of thermal hot water heaters to be placed on all hospitals, schools & government buildings. China has been building small electric cars since 1965. You can buy an all electric "Cherry" car for $20 K.
The new 5 year plan of 2013, plans for building millions of solar powered homes and apartments to power China 100% from solar and wind power. This will result in China being able to produce enough renewable energy so they can then shut down all coal fired power plants, all atomic energy plants, all gas fired power plants by 2050.
Why doesn't the US have such a plan?
The US building 4 new Atomic energy plants in Georgia & S.C.

Cherry Blossoms bloomed 2 weeks too early in 2013. Blame global warming.
Vast flower & vegetable gardens grow around Fukushima, with the bees carrying radioactive pollen from flower to flower. Blame GE.
Science has made toxic chemicals capable of altering the atmosphere and causing catastrophic climate changes. Are humans capable of repairing the damaged done?
US & Japanese media are in total denial.
Just like the great movie, staring Jane Fonda: "China Syndrome" revealed, the corporate media and their puppet governments try to lie and hide the facts of global warming caused by burning gas, oil, coal & uranium.
Media blinding people to the dangers we now face in Nov. 2013, when an earth quake will topple unit #4 & start an atomic fire
One of the top 10 leaders of the pro-solar movement in Japan is Naoto Kan, who was trained by Hermann Scheer.

Kan campaigned for & passed a Feed in tariff paying $0.53 kwh for farmers and home owners.
Every Friday Kan leads 100,000+ students, women's groups, unions & farmers to march to the Parliament in Tokyo to demand the GE nuclear reactors be kept shut down.
Why is the German economy the strongest in Europe? Germany has switched from atomic & fossil to solar & wind. Germany has created a great Jeffersonian movement democratizing the energy production movement creating more jobs, money & power for the 99% Germany. Likewise, using the Feed in Tariff, Japan & China's economies are growing stronger because they have switched to 100% solar & wind, shutting down all nukes by 2050.

Thanks to 19 year old, Hermann Scheer, who built a solar powered house in Germany in 1980, with his friends, proving that solar & wind could power every home in Germany.

US. Here is the state of the solar movement in the US today. Let's put the "e" in strategy. Do you think the utility corporations have a strategy on how to subvert the green energy movement to prevent a Feed in Tariff from becoming law in the US?
Read "Solar Times". org, by Kelly Vest, on how the US green movement has been taken over by the corporations.
There have been 3 recent world revolutions:
Industrial Revolutions: ( IR ) Henry Ford
Information Tech Rev: (ITR) Steve Jobs & Bill Gates.
Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April 1968 at SFSC.
Solar Energy Rev. (SER): Scheer & Naoto Kan
Investing in Gas energy leads to a dead end, because it adds more heat to global warming. As does bio-mass burning of plants.
The US Democratic Party: is building 4 new atomic reactors in Georgia & South Carolina.
There, right there, is a class line in the solar movement.
Those who advocate for the Feed in Tariff requiring PG&E to pay anyone who feeds solar onto the grid $0.33 kwh,
as opposed to those who want to give Shell Oil $20 million to build a solar farm in Nevada, to transmit solar energy to SF, which creates no jobs in SF. and is designed to fail. Those who advocate for the the CCA simply do not yet realize they are captives of the corporations.
Five free movies on Youtube that show us how to stop Global Warming.
"Here Comes the Sun-Scheer"
"On Fukushima Beach"
"China Syndrome"
"Here Comes the Sun-Scheer"
"Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl."

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