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Facebook=DARPA Weapons program

Is it obvious enough yet that Facebook is an evil program?   How much proof is needed ? How many bodies need to be destroyed and lives shattered for people to turn away from this incarnate evil?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Truth Is Out There

Find the Truth in the Headlines using Gematria

Friday, December 13, 2013

USA Inc vs us re:genocide

In the united states court
united states
NIPSCO – and all other PUBLIC UTILITIES ALSO KNOWN AS CESTUI QUE TRUSTS (stemming from Massachusetts Land Trust, through action of embezzlement)
These matters, having come before the united states court on October 28, 2013, by joinder of parties, united, containing identical, and concurrent jurisdiction stemming from Criminal Acts.
This court is understood, as evidenced and acknowledge by the U.S. Department of State (John Forbes Kerry), Vice President of the United States Incorporated, Joseph Biden, President of the Senate, United States of America (Senate and House of Representatives), Ed Perlmutter, House of Representatives, Central Intelligence Agency, Jim Hines, House of Representatives, John Boehner, House of Representatives, and Jay Rockefeller, Senate, Department of Commerce, on behalf of the aforementioned defendants.
Wherein, upon evidence of L.I.C. (Low intensity Conflict) operations, co-conspirators via psychological warfare known as Hearts and Minds by which the United States Incorporated is actively engaging in, and promoting Genocide through the Food and Drug Administration also known as the F.D.A., maintaining contracts with the Friedsburg Ethics Commission (FECI), by and through Congressional Action of the U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives (16 U.S.C. chapter 7) and the Office of Population Affairs otherwise known as the Department of Health and Human Services established in 1975 by Dr. Henry Kissenger as a depopulation pogrom (Memorandum 2 N.S.C.) enabled through Acts of Congress and of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives entitled the 1947 National Security Act, 50 U.S.C. chapter 15, further evidencing the use of Hearts and Minds as Fourth Generation Warfare via the color of, and illusion of decentralization, implication of long term terrorism, the use of “cultures”, “religious indoctrination”; media manipulation, through the Broadcasting Board of Governors, (B.B.G.) (maintaining International Control of all civil media); lawfare, psychological warfare, via political, economic, social, and military pressure upon human-kind.
This schematic, generating revenues in the criminal action of Embezzlement (Treasury) through legal mechanism’s to impart upon the human mind, concepts, wherein these vessels are constantly, and consequently being altered of their heading (46 U.S.C. Chapter 311 and 313) via advertising of monumental sort, and consortium. The back end, Insurance with again, ill gotten revenues from this Criminal Enterprise known as Confederacy)
From Black’s Law Dictionary 1st edition:
CONFEDERACY. In criminal law. The association or banding together of two or more persons for the purpose of committing an act or furthering an enterprise which is forbidden by law, or which, though lawful in itself, becomes unlawful when made the object of the confederacy. Conspiracy is a more technical term for this offence. The act of two or more who combine together to do any damage or injury to another, or to do any unlawful act. Jacob. See 52 How. Pr. 353; 41 Wis. 284
Stemming from three (3) variation of “law”; 1. meta [morality], 2. Soma [psychology], 3. veta [ethics], the human being, special deposit, has been converted into another re-source, and therein altered of condition; through action of SHIPPING, bottomry, diagnoses, and repair (otherwise known as Commerce and Navigation), mechanized by Patent, and Trademark through venues such as W.I.P.O. World Intellectual Property Organization, whereby these vessels are reported injured, via Intelligence provided to the House of Lords through address of Clergy, by which to appropriate moneys from the Treasury upon fraudulent claim, as in jury is maintained by Congressional Direction, and Action upon human kind, within aforementioned criminal enterprise.
Victim’s henceforth, forced through compulsion and maintained as concepts, otherwise known as conceit, or the action of moving, navigating, conveying, giving, granting, assigning, holding, keeping, maintaining and transporting vessels; alteration of heading through action of psychiatry, via psychological (A.I. Artificial Intelligence) design created by the Production Company called the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Broadcast globally through the Broadcasting Board of Governors, as maintained by Council of Foreign Relations, including, but not limited to the Productions, espoused to the House of Lords, by which to fraudulently embezzle moneys out of the Treasury for the sole purpose of promoting, acting upon, and engaging in genocide, against the human race.
Whereby, through the codification maintained as International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems currently ICD-10, these vessels are then being repaired due to injury imposed upon them by aforementioned Confederacy in Action (113th Congress assembled).
Marine Insurance, (Original Charters) born by the under-writers, subscribing to psychological construct (color, illusion, guise of), known as law, via Emergency Management (FEMA) 6 U.S.C., Chapter 1, subchapter V § 313, through Patent, Trademark, and “Intellectual Property” otherwise known as concepts, otherwise known as conceit, or the action of moving, navigating, and transporting vessels, alteration of heading through action of psychiatry, via psychological design.
The United States of America by Act of Congress, the United States Incorporated, and Criminal enterprise know as Confederacy, League, Association of Nations (International), United Nations and other known conspirators, having knowledge, a aforethought, continues, with intent, to Perpetrate Genocide, of the human race, as psychopaths, bankrupt, depraved, and without honor, divesting liberty, a franchise only granted with honors.
Whereby the United States of America, by Action of Congress, The United States Incorporated and Criminal enterprise know as Confederacy, League, Association of Nations (International), United Nations and other known conspirators, having knowledge, a aforethought, continues, with intent, to Perpetrate Genocide, of the human race, has forfeited the Treasury to the united states, of being, I am, the human race. These moneys shall be deposited into the united states bank, incorporated by original charter, and Declaration of Trust Record number 1239990, located at ST JOSEPH COUNTY, INDIANA, [DE1]. The united states bank, having succeeded all others on January 25, 2013, without argument, counterclaim, or otherwise of any authority, representative, agent or other on behalf of defendants listed, or co-conspirators. [DE1].
The United States of America, as actions of Congress, the United States Incorporated, and criminal enterprise known as Confederacy, League, Association of Nations (International), United Nations and other know conspirators are without Immunity or Sovereignty as per 28 U.S.C. Chapter 97, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, and the Restrictive Principal of Sovereign Immunity, and shall not be protected, upon penalty of death, aiding and abetting the enemy of human-kind.
All human children shall be immediately returned to their Houses. Human being shall be determined by virtue, of being. Psychopathy shall not be protected. Psychopathy is a predator of human-kind. Psychopathy, shall be Capitalized by its chosen form of government, as per the Atlantic Charter, of 1941. The united states of being, otherwise known as humanity shall never more be Capitalized.
Any lost, orphaned, or otherwise child in need, shall be protected by the Treasury and removed from Congressional grasp, holding, institution, prison, hospital, warehouse, and or deposit corporation, immediately, to be held, kept, and protected by the united states, attempting first to return said children to their places/Houses of origin.
There shall be in place, a Permanent injunction, and restraint upon all Criminal Actors wherein all known psychopaths shall remain 100 Miles away from human life, penalty of death for violation.
North Korea, also known as a project and design (Pyongyang) of Congressional Action and intelligence shall house, keep, hold and maintain psychopaths, observing birth control, and sterilization procedures, already conceptualized, agreed upon, and consented to by criminal enterprise.
If one psychopath should kill another psychopath, this shall be considered “abortion” as conceptualized, agreed upon, and consented to by aforementioned psychopaths, as psychopathy is without sentence or ability to exist separate from a host body (politic) or franchised state as evidenced by its works in action. Psychopathy is not be confused with life or be living, and shall be directed by current policy, sin die determinate upon market conditions, of aforementioned, civilly dead, surety, Natural Persons, uses, usufruct, taxes, terns, fees, charges, black/white acres, stock options, commercial units, consumptive goods, as well as any other entitlement by which they subscribe as defined under Laws of Infants, Mortgage, Copyhold, Commerce, and Navigation. As per law and custom, the capacity of the usufruct shall not be diminished.
Psychopaths shall be administered by the FDA-Ethics Commission, the recommendations of the revised World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki; the directives and guidelines of the European Union; and the regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as maintained by Rules of Procedure (2006 current edition). These resources, also known as test subjects, shall uphold the current trade agreements of Korea, and the United States Incorporated with all remaining revenue, minus (90) percent to be used for the care and maintenance of aforementioned psychopaths, as originally conceptualized by Article XII of the Articles of Confederation, without change.
Institutions formerly known as any warehouse facility under the Control or discretion of the Department of Education shall be obliterated, dissolved, and replaced with deprogramming facilities, for the express benefit of human-kind. Psychopaths shall be charged as fees to cover this and related expenditures via the Bretton Woods Agreements, and structure of the International Monetary Fund. Deprogramming facilities shall not use the Delphi Technique, Alinksi Method, Consensus Creation, or any other psychological warfare upon human-kind. Deprogramming as evidenced by the united states of being in action, evidences that this shall take no more than two years to complete and shall include metaphysics, via meta phor (knowledge of the self) as a supportive structure disallowing cognitive dissonance. Quotas maintained through the IMF as to Special Drawing Rights, shall allow for the Whole, without compartmentalization, regard to age (a legal construct), or any other concept by which to move human-being, away from, or otherwise outside of the Self (exo-deus).
 Whereas this Confederacy in Action has applied Fourth Generation Warfare upon human kind by which to force unsuspecting subscribers/underwriters to be the Guaranty (Insurance) in a perpetual game of confidence (27 CFR 72.11) since the original Charters: The Act of Surrender of the Great Charter of New England to His Majesty: June 7, 1635, The Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England; May 19 1643, Charter for the Province Pennsylvania: February 28 1681, Charter of Acadia Granted by Henry IV of France to Pierre du Gast, Sieur de Monts: December 18, 1603, Charter of Carolina: March 24 1663, Charter of Carolina: June 30, 1665, Charter of Connecticut: April 23 1662, Charter of Maryland: June 20, 1632, Charter of Massachusetts Bay: March 4, 1629, Charter of Massachusetts Bay: October 7, 1691, Charter of New England: November 3, 1620, Charter of Privileges which Gustavus Adolphus Has Graciously Given by Letters Patent to the Newly Established Swedish South Company: June 14, 1626, Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: July 15, 1663, Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth Granted to William Bradford and His Associates: 1629, Charter of the Dutch West India Company: June 3, 1621, The Charter or Fundamental Laws, of West New Jersey, Agreed upon: 1676, The first Charter of Virginia: April 10, 1606, General Charter for Those who Discover Any New Passages, Havens, Countries, or Places: March 27, 1614, Penn’s Charter of Libertie: April 25, 1682, Petition for a Charter of New England by the Northern Company of Adventures: March 3, 1619/20, The Second Charter of Virginia: May 23, 1609, The Third Charter of Virginia: March 12, 1611, Charter of Liberties/Coronation Charter: 1100, The Gelnhausen Charter: 1180, Confirmation of Charters: 1297, Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh: 1584, Letters Patent to Sir Humphrey Gilbert: 1588, The Dialogue Concerning the Exchequer: 1180, and all and every of them a production, and dis course, altering the heading of these vessels; the united states of being, in rem et al., libertas, I am.
Wherein these playwrights/scribes have continually maintained under House, known as marquee defined as: 1. A large tent, often with open sides, used chiefly for outdoor entertainment. 2. A roof-like structure, often bearing a signboard, projecting over an entrance, as to a theater or hotel, Also called marquise. Providing that, with transgression (literally translated as congress), under Stile (chain of events, congressional action) humanity, through trick and deception, has been subject of a grand illusion, color, guise of: a psychological construct known as law, language, culture, religious, indoctrination, and various concepts by which to be altered of their original heading, being, as evidenced by counsel of confederacy in action, November 21 2012, and henceforth, wherein Andrew P. Seiwert, Corporate Counsel (Association of Corporate Counsel), acknowledges, and further maintains, in deed, and silence, whilst implicating Fourth Generation Warfare, evidenced by his works in actions, and that of his co-conspirators, including but not limited to; DAVID CHAPLEAU, NIPSCO, and any and all of them participating, as evidenced by their own works.
In briefing paper to the Department of State written in 1996 as the first working paper (GS 01) of the Yale Program in Genocide Studies, Gregory H. Stanton defines genocide as:
“In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following act committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Wherefore, defendants, known by their works in action, and upon contract of fee schedule, shall be measured by their works in action as per Fee Schedule, Record number 1237493, located at St Joseph County, Indiana. [USDC 3:13 CV 052 [DE1]

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lex Mercatoria: Con-Tracts 'R US

Lex Mercatoria: Con-Tracts 'R US 


Published on Nov 20, 2013
In this Episode, we learn that Lex Mercatoria/Agency/Corporation/Contract makes for sloppy lex fori standi situ contractu on account litteris ledger dominium utilii in Boc-Land.

Whoops...not MY fault.

Nomenclature..."IT'S A TRAP!"- Admiral Ackbar.

Ask yourself these fine questions-
How in the hell does a private agent of a private corporation (BAR Association), in a "court" (which is a private BAR Associate termed "Magistrate" in Lex Mercatoria)...use the magic power to summon the mighty...well...non-existent fiction of the "State of" to appear on command?

Secondly...since when in the hell can a non-existent corporation nobody voted for, "sign off" on something that has to have an agent because it doesn't exist?
(Law of Corporations, Chuckles T. Boone, 1881) the hell does a non-existent corporation, through a private corporation (BAR Association), via a private corporate agent, become a "Plaintiff"...and (wait for it),

since when the fuck is your name "Defendant"?
Your name isn't "defendant"...I went and looked, trust me.

WAIT a minute...are you telling me it's all a bullshit revenue generation scam under Star Chamber: Trial by Information (to skip a true grand jury indictment) debt charge shyster-con, run by a set of private corporations nobody voted in?...

which is illegal...weren't Star Chambers and Debtor's Prisons banned here, on the private corporation plantations that magically don't exist, yet do long drag-net you on single-agent "information" debt scheme claims?

WAIT a they weren't...I bad.
But they ARE unlawful. the fuck can a private corporation nobody voted in or for, demand that "Common Law" is banned, but "Law Merchant" is not, and that this has nothing to do with "Law of Contract"...except every single time they beg you to sign something?

How the fuck did the private corporate "BAR Association" and its' private agents summon the magic power to ban YOU from speaking in court?...or magic up the power to "Detain" or "Arrest" you?

And how the fuck does a private corporation, that doesn't exist (BAR Association) have the magic power to "authorize" a private agent termed "Magistrate" to issue "Bench Warrants" (Private Debt Charge by Creditor)...when no probable cause, or indictment has been found by a GRAND JURY FIRST (and NOT by the Magistrate or his Agent, EX POST FACTO, Unilaterally).

To top it the fuck does a private "Sheriff's" corporation + agency + agents, and the private "BAR Association" corporation + agents not comprehend that "Due Process" means:

THAT EVERY CORPORATE AGENT IS AUTOMATICALLY BANNED from being a "witness" or "informant" (informer and/or prosecutor), issuing "Warrants", "Probable Cause", "Affidavits", "Orders", "Arrests" & "Detainments"...because it directly violates (inherent fraud + duress) due process...because you CANNOT have "due process" if everyone in "court", including the corporation-summoned jury, under corporate rule/ for those TWO corporations? (Sheriff and/or BAR Association)...except for you, that is.

Why is it nobody I know can find the "charters" to these magic corporations, and why is it I cannot find anyone that voted them in...?

GO ask Vinny V. at TNSRadioIreland where the private corporation "BAR Association" (state, federal, local, etc., including "Sheriff" corporations, or "Police" corporations) appears in ANY western "Constitution".

The can have it...if you can build it, and keep it, that is

Monday, November 18, 2013

Indivisible , with Liberty and Justice for All.

Indivisible , with Liberty and Justice for All.

Pretty hollow words in the year of 2013, actually it has always been a corrupt motto but the words have never rung as hoolow for me as they do now.

We approach the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the public snuffing and televised trauma based mind control echoed by the GWB slogan of "Shock and Awe" which was the Gulf War of the post 9-11 world.
Today this nation bears little credence to the slogan of "indivisible", we are a nation of the walking dead, the optimistic dreamers that still believe we live in the world of Ozzie and Harriet and the realists that see through the blue lines and the red lines knowing that we are a nation of liars and frauds being fed to the soylent green machine of the fascists.
 "Bring out your dead" is a blast from the past, masses of people dropping like flies from the plagues that rocked all nations between the wars, when the dead did not drop from bullets or bombs, but instead from the viruses that manifest themselves too quickly to be stopped.  In todays headlines the dead are manifested by the courts and their henchmen, the costumed and adorned thugs serving the people up to death. The epidemic of government induced genocide has not yet swung into full throttle yet, but the plans are carved in stone for all to read on the Georgia Guidestones.
Liberty and Justice for all has always been fallacy, the hypocrits made it seem impossible for anything else to be the truth, repeat the lie often enough so they say.
Liberty to shop while black, or walk down the street while brown is in the headlines daily exposing the police state profiling. If there is anything more blatant than the NYC stop and frisk program to exemplify that I have not yet heard about it. 
The Justice department is a realm of the black priests and their money masters profiting off the bones of the people they imprison, execute and disperse among the community to create more mayhem.   For profit "law enforcers" that prowl the streets looking for spoils to steal by asset forfeiture laws that require no conviction but mere supposition.  Probable cause has become so loosely defined as to be vaporware. 
Our Executive branch is beholden to GE, Boeing, Lockheed and the thousands of war profiteers that make the billions handed out during WW 1 & 2 seem trifling indeed.  The Corporate state of Insanity, the worship of paper and shiny things reigns supreme.
 I have no heroes unspoiled by the taint of fraud and deception, PED's are the path to glory in the modern era.  Corruption of the games  of today are no less rigged than the battles in the Coliseum of Rome by the slave gladiators.
The costumed brigades marching down the  road to battle in Rome are replaced by henchmen in suits and ties, soldiers in black driving MRAPS to assault we the people here at home is less noble than the pretense of the war on terror abroad.

Sea to shining sea the fascist tribes conspire, collude and wage war over weeds and stems, import heroin and meth and then shout out how wicked men do these things while twisting the knives into generation after generation.

This is the State of the Nation, divided, incarcerated and doomed.    

Monday, November 4, 2013

Think GMO is new?

For the week ending
Nov. 2, 1963
Synthetic food tested on cons

Nutrition experts working toward the day when man can thrive on chemicals alone have revealed the results of experiments conducted with the assistance of 18 convicted criminals,
For 48 days, 18 convicts at the California prison system medical facility here have been subsisting on synthetic diets consisting solely of foods from a test tube, mainly amino acids which act as the body’s protein builders.
Not only have the men subsisted. For many, the general physical condition has showed improvement. Fat men have slimmed down and the thin gained weight. Also, researchers say, there have been few gripes and none of the prisoners said he regretted taking part in the experiment.
One aim of the synthetic diet project is to develop suitable food for man-in-space programs. The project is financed by a NASA grant of $400,000.
Dr. Milton Winitz, director of the project being conducted by the Medical Sciences Research Foundation, said the synthetic food would be wholly adequate for feeding men on round trips to the moon.
“But," he said, “the diet’s chief virtues are not in space flight but in medicine.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Society Under Militarized Technological Corporate Control [?]
Posted: 2013-10-07, 8:42AM PDT

Society Under Militarized Technological Corporate Control (Portland & USA)

The war criminals of Congress are protected by the ignorance of the public. Wake up!

As Americans waste time watching their favorite sports teams compete with one another and remain spellbound, the youth of the nation is corrupted with Miley Cyrus while the American corporate military occupies over 130 nations in nearly 1000 war system bases that facilitate the slaughter of millions of people on the command of an imperial executive.

Congressmen, the lawmakers who have the power to reign in the war making executive, are complicit war criminals themselves and are supported by the military industrial complex weapons industry that supplies the generals, the soldiers, the Special Forces, the mercenaries and the killer team CIA. Congress is an appendage of America's right-wing killing machine that must remain sacrosanct in this system of militarized violence that continues its killing spree, globally.

Congressmen interests are funded by their war criminal industrial machine masters, Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon to continue making drones, missiles, aircraft and bombs and to control Caspian Basin oil in Afghanistan to reserve a never ending supply of oil for the military that plans to wage war forever.

Society is under corporate technological militarized control and surveillance. How can any genuine massive civil-disturbance protest against militarization, standing armies and the war economy occur within the United States whether on college campuses or anywhere when every waking moment individuals are attached to machines such as I-Phones, I-Pads, headphones, that function as  time eating, attention stealing devices deliberately designed to infest their minds with corporate military commercialized brainwash and stifle and kill free thought as a form of pacification and electronic soft counter-insurgency against genuine antiwar anti-militarized sentiment?

The manufactured terrorism threat functions symbiotically with mass consumerism and structured life as people plug in and tune out or remain ignorant of corporate military imperial violence documented in history and investigative journalism books that is the real terrorism waged by the Pentagon and CIA.

What does it say about the indoctrination level of U.S. society when the vast majority of its citizens have no idea that their nation is an empire and that their government has a militarized presence around the world and that flat-screen televisions are situated in every restaurant, mall, store or other public gathering place blaring the familiarized mind-numbing war propaganda of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, football, tools of murder treated as spectacle through the coordinated propaganda of jet-takeoffs over football fields, or worse, the commercialized and morally decadent adjunct of the Pentagon that has historically amplified and churned out a readily available supply of both state war and police state propaganda--Hollywood "entertainment," no doubt responsible for the recruitment of thousands upon thousands of now dead and maimed men and women killed in greedy wars for profit and glory of government officials and will continue to do so as long as a permanent institutionalized war system run by the Pentagon remains in place.

Civilian federal workers are forced to take a furlough but the Pentagon-NSA-CIA war machine remains in full operation against manufactured enemies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and conducts surveillance against the domestic U.S. public while U.S. war threats abound against Iran over nuclear weapons they don't even have.

When individuals have no idea what a SOCOM, CENTCOM, a NORTHCOM, and SOUTHCOM, is, but they are academics working at universities, dentists, mechanics, laborers in general--living in a world of delusion and social control and not understanding the violence of imperial corporate war factory military bombs and missiles deliberately targeting innocent civilians and infrastructure and blowing people away because of the deliberate systematic information control and diversion of the ideological system this means America has gone insane drinking the poison of violence commercialization and war and remains suspended in this narcosis even if another slaughter is temporarily suspended.

Routine slaughter continues unabated via deliberate drone attacks on civilians, including CIA murder in Pakistan, Somalia, Philippines, counterinsurgency JSOC jackboot door-to-door murder in Afghanistan, and CIA-funded cutthroat mercenaries in Syria. Killer Special Forces teams are stationed in 120 nations including the latest area of imperial expansion, Africom.

War is permanent. Taliban resisting U.S. occupation are retina scanned to feed their identities into massive U.S. imperial military surveillance databases as were Iraqis, Yemenis and now Somalis.

Understanding the problem doesn't necessarily necessitate having the solution. The structural controls are so daunting that the false consciousness of the majority of the population cannot perceive the mass societal manipulation. They don't see the dead bodies piled up by the CIA, U.S. Army, Marines, private mercenaries and JSOC nor do they see the millions killed in Iraq from 1991 during the Bagdhad Amman Highway of death U.S. air hunt of fleeing Iraqi civilians or the present day sectarian warfare slaughter caused by the brutal U.S. occupation.

War and corporate militarism death and destruction eat out the substance of the land. The U.S. is the greatest war criminal nation on the planet, laden with atrocities, from 3 million murdered with agent orange defoliants and counterinsurgency in Indochina, 80,000 dead in El Salvador, a counterinsurgency bloodbath Guatemala in the 1980′s that took up to 60,000 lives, hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq due to infrastructure bombing and a sanctions campaign in 1991, followed by the U.S. criminal invasion and bombing of that nation in 2003.

The majority of the population doesn't know about the U.S. use of Salvadoran and Guatemalan secret police advised by CIA and the formulation of death squads where CIA installs the dictatorships, then supplies the bullets and the guns for the police constabularies and elite, rich property owning death squad mercenaries to root out communist subversion wherever it lurks its head as these militarized corporate counterinsurgency then go to work against dissident populist movements.

They don't know about the torture, assassination, bugging, spying, training in secret police methods, infiltrating dissident groups, training in mercenary warfare and sending arms to criminal elements to slaughter U.S. Pentagon and CIA "enemies," including 40,000 Vietnamese revolutionaries during Operation Phoenix, thousands upon thousands of Nicaraguans murdered under the U.S. military trained Somoza national guard and during the Contra War against peasant farming cooperatives in which 10,000 Nicaraguan civilians were murdered, raped, bombed and mutilated by CIA trained and supplied right-wing exile guerilla insurgents.

All of these crimes were waged and continue indefinitely without a declaration of war against a state by the U.S. Congress in violation of Article I Section 8 as does the inhumane, racist and unconstitutional torture and forced feeding of emaciated Guantanamo and Bagram concentration camp detainees held indefinitely as the U.S continues its corporate war military slaughter across the globe.

This is a conspiracy that separates the powers that be from the rest of the people. If only they knew and were awakened perhaps this cognitively disturbing information would spark the indignation of the depoliticized, indignified American masses whose tax dollars pay for slaughter.

Death and destruction abounds in a fake oligarchic domestic social control system and fake elections penetrate the mass mind with propaganda, lies, distortion mentally deranged control and simulated manipulation through the television screen while bombs and missiles obliterate civilians, including children and captives of the U.S. military detention system are continuously tortured. Congress is too bloodstained with their own war crimes and loaded with buy-offs from the armaments industry to ever stop the killing.

This truth is too hard for many "proud" Americans to swallow, but black operation foreign policy is the rule of the day. Individuals are slaughtered via U.S. CIA-military interventions into their country to control the development of their economies and their land, resources, labor, utilities and other infrastructure that is bought up by foreign multinational corporations. This is why the U.S. never leaves Afghanistan. The CIA and military are waging a permanent psychological warfare counterinsurgency campaign, including assassination, bombing, and torture to keep the Afghan population from defecting to the Taliban so that U.S. imperialism can continue its Caspian Oil dominance. It's not now and never was about pursuing the perpetrators of 911 who died on an airplane and were Saudis, Yemenis and U.A.E. citizens. Thousands upon thousands of Guatemalans and Salvadorans have starved due to counterinsurgency policies which facilitated the export of bananas, beef and coffee to North America while land for the growth of maize for domestic consumption was denied by the U.S. suppressive violence of the allied oligarchical elite working with the CIA, the Pentagon and the U.S. embassy.

The CIA imparted the Greek KYP intelligence service with torture, assassination techniques, bugging equipment, spying techniques and training this secret police agency to torture and murder the political left in Greece and the CIA conspired with the Greek military and KYP chief George Papadopoulos to oust Andreas Papandreou, after this prime minister objected to CIA-KYP spying on his ministerial conversations, in a coup to facilitate the continued massive stationing of U.S. military/NATO nuclear weapons bases, military bases housing war mobilized American soldiers and other infrastructure of the imperial NATO capitalist imperialist war machine.

U.S. military allowed Joint US Military Advisory Group to serve as a front, cross-pollination cover for CIA combat psywar expert Edward Lansdale whose CIA psywar squad collaboration with Philippine military, wealthy landowner goon squads and police lead to the slaughter of the Philippine Huks to maintain 23 U.S. military bases in the Philippines and reinforce a U.S. Philippine trade agreement allowing foreign interests parity in the development of Philippine resources.

This policy drove the peasants and farmers off their land for the U.S. and European sugar interests and decimated the Philippine farmer population, allowing the U.S. a stationing area for the criminal bombing of Vietnam where anticolonial Vietnamese resisting this slaughter and occupation were tortured and locked in small, crippling stone boxes known as Tiger Cages and Philippine troops participated with U.S. military in slaughtering the Vietcong.

This slave factory war machine run by war mongers obliterates nations with evil criminality all over the world. Just because the media is blacking it out doesn't mean it's not occurring--right now, don't be fooled. Don't expect congressional war criminals to bring justice to those slaughtered by the U.S. imperial massacre war machine. Under the War Crimes Act of 1996--passed by the United States Congress and signed by Bill Clinton, a war crime is "a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions."

The U.S. congress relinquished their war authority to George Bush and Dick Cheney who proceeded to carry out aggressive war for natural resources and presided over a network of torture bases that included Syria and Libya, where Assad and Gaddafi helped Bush torture Arabs in dungeons, not to mention grotesque torture that still exists and has devolved into force-feeding emaciated prisoners in Guantanamo. Article 6 of the U.S. constitution says that all ratified treaties are law of the land and the U.S. ratified article 3 of the Geneva Conventions in 1949, which prohibits torture of detainees "taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms."

Many people rounded up for bounty by the U.S. military and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan didn't even have weapons, and individuals snatched and grabbed under the Bush administration extra-ordinary rendition system surely didn't have weapons, yet all of these people have suffered torture.

The U.S. Congress has violated its own Constitution, passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 suspending Posse Comitatus and gave the military the authority to arrest and detain Americans on U.S soil. They cannot be trusted to turn themselves in for war crimes or for violations of the U.S. Constitution.
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