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Society Under Militarized Technological Corporate Control [?]
Posted: 2013-10-07, 8:42AM PDT

Society Under Militarized Technological Corporate Control (Portland & USA)

The war criminals of Congress are protected by the ignorance of the public. Wake up!

As Americans waste time watching their favorite sports teams compete with one another and remain spellbound, the youth of the nation is corrupted with Miley Cyrus while the American corporate military occupies over 130 nations in nearly 1000 war system bases that facilitate the slaughter of millions of people on the command of an imperial executive.

Congressmen, the lawmakers who have the power to reign in the war making executive, are complicit war criminals themselves and are supported by the military industrial complex weapons industry that supplies the generals, the soldiers, the Special Forces, the mercenaries and the killer team CIA. Congress is an appendage of America's right-wing killing machine that must remain sacrosanct in this system of militarized violence that continues its killing spree, globally.

Congressmen interests are funded by their war criminal industrial machine masters, Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon to continue making drones, missiles, aircraft and bombs and to control Caspian Basin oil in Afghanistan to reserve a never ending supply of oil for the military that plans to wage war forever.

Society is under corporate technological militarized control and surveillance. How can any genuine massive civil-disturbance protest against militarization, standing armies and the war economy occur within the United States whether on college campuses or anywhere when every waking moment individuals are attached to machines such as I-Phones, I-Pads, headphones, that function as  time eating, attention stealing devices deliberately designed to infest their minds with corporate military commercialized brainwash and stifle and kill free thought as a form of pacification and electronic soft counter-insurgency against genuine antiwar anti-militarized sentiment?

The manufactured terrorism threat functions symbiotically with mass consumerism and structured life as people plug in and tune out or remain ignorant of corporate military imperial violence documented in history and investigative journalism books that is the real terrorism waged by the Pentagon and CIA.

What does it say about the indoctrination level of U.S. society when the vast majority of its citizens have no idea that their nation is an empire and that their government has a militarized presence around the world and that flat-screen televisions are situated in every restaurant, mall, store or other public gathering place blaring the familiarized mind-numbing war propaganda of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, football, tools of murder treated as spectacle through the coordinated propaganda of jet-takeoffs over football fields, or worse, the commercialized and morally decadent adjunct of the Pentagon that has historically amplified and churned out a readily available supply of both state war and police state propaganda--Hollywood "entertainment," no doubt responsible for the recruitment of thousands upon thousands of now dead and maimed men and women killed in greedy wars for profit and glory of government officials and will continue to do so as long as a permanent institutionalized war system run by the Pentagon remains in place.

Civilian federal workers are forced to take a furlough but the Pentagon-NSA-CIA war machine remains in full operation against manufactured enemies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and conducts surveillance against the domestic U.S. public while U.S. war threats abound against Iran over nuclear weapons they don't even have.

When individuals have no idea what a SOCOM, CENTCOM, a NORTHCOM, and SOUTHCOM, is, but they are academics working at universities, dentists, mechanics, laborers in general--living in a world of delusion and social control and not understanding the violence of imperial corporate war factory military bombs and missiles deliberately targeting innocent civilians and infrastructure and blowing people away because of the deliberate systematic information control and diversion of the ideological system this means America has gone insane drinking the poison of violence commercialization and war and remains suspended in this narcosis even if another slaughter is temporarily suspended.

Routine slaughter continues unabated via deliberate drone attacks on civilians, including CIA murder in Pakistan, Somalia, Philippines, counterinsurgency JSOC jackboot door-to-door murder in Afghanistan, and CIA-funded cutthroat mercenaries in Syria. Killer Special Forces teams are stationed in 120 nations including the latest area of imperial expansion, Africom.

War is permanent. Taliban resisting U.S. occupation are retina scanned to feed their identities into massive U.S. imperial military surveillance databases as were Iraqis, Yemenis and now Somalis.

Understanding the problem doesn't necessarily necessitate having the solution. The structural controls are so daunting that the false consciousness of the majority of the population cannot perceive the mass societal manipulation. They don't see the dead bodies piled up by the CIA, U.S. Army, Marines, private mercenaries and JSOC nor do they see the millions killed in Iraq from 1991 during the Bagdhad Amman Highway of death U.S. air hunt of fleeing Iraqi civilians or the present day sectarian warfare slaughter caused by the brutal U.S. occupation.

War and corporate militarism death and destruction eat out the substance of the land. The U.S. is the greatest war criminal nation on the planet, laden with atrocities, from 3 million murdered with agent orange defoliants and counterinsurgency in Indochina, 80,000 dead in El Salvador, a counterinsurgency bloodbath Guatemala in the 1980′s that took up to 60,000 lives, hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq due to infrastructure bombing and a sanctions campaign in 1991, followed by the U.S. criminal invasion and bombing of that nation in 2003.

The majority of the population doesn't know about the U.S. use of Salvadoran and Guatemalan secret police advised by CIA and the formulation of death squads where CIA installs the dictatorships, then supplies the bullets and the guns for the police constabularies and elite, rich property owning death squad mercenaries to root out communist subversion wherever it lurks its head as these militarized corporate counterinsurgency then go to work against dissident populist movements.

They don't know about the torture, assassination, bugging, spying, training in secret police methods, infiltrating dissident groups, training in mercenary warfare and sending arms to criminal elements to slaughter U.S. Pentagon and CIA "enemies," including 40,000 Vietnamese revolutionaries during Operation Phoenix, thousands upon thousands of Nicaraguans murdered under the U.S. military trained Somoza national guard and during the Contra War against peasant farming cooperatives in which 10,000 Nicaraguan civilians were murdered, raped, bombed and mutilated by CIA trained and supplied right-wing exile guerilla insurgents.

All of these crimes were waged and continue indefinitely without a declaration of war against a state by the U.S. Congress in violation of Article I Section 8 as does the inhumane, racist and unconstitutional torture and forced feeding of emaciated Guantanamo and Bagram concentration camp detainees held indefinitely as the U.S continues its corporate war military slaughter across the globe.

This is a conspiracy that separates the powers that be from the rest of the people. If only they knew and were awakened perhaps this cognitively disturbing information would spark the indignation of the depoliticized, indignified American masses whose tax dollars pay for slaughter.

Death and destruction abounds in a fake oligarchic domestic social control system and fake elections penetrate the mass mind with propaganda, lies, distortion mentally deranged control and simulated manipulation through the television screen while bombs and missiles obliterate civilians, including children and captives of the U.S. military detention system are continuously tortured. Congress is too bloodstained with their own war crimes and loaded with buy-offs from the armaments industry to ever stop the killing.

This truth is too hard for many "proud" Americans to swallow, but black operation foreign policy is the rule of the day. Individuals are slaughtered via U.S. CIA-military interventions into their country to control the development of their economies and their land, resources, labor, utilities and other infrastructure that is bought up by foreign multinational corporations. This is why the U.S. never leaves Afghanistan. The CIA and military are waging a permanent psychological warfare counterinsurgency campaign, including assassination, bombing, and torture to keep the Afghan population from defecting to the Taliban so that U.S. imperialism can continue its Caspian Oil dominance. It's not now and never was about pursuing the perpetrators of 911 who died on an airplane and were Saudis, Yemenis and U.A.E. citizens. Thousands upon thousands of Guatemalans and Salvadorans have starved due to counterinsurgency policies which facilitated the export of bananas, beef and coffee to North America while land for the growth of maize for domestic consumption was denied by the U.S. suppressive violence of the allied oligarchical elite working with the CIA, the Pentagon and the U.S. embassy.

The CIA imparted the Greek KYP intelligence service with torture, assassination techniques, bugging equipment, spying techniques and training this secret police agency to torture and murder the political left in Greece and the CIA conspired with the Greek military and KYP chief George Papadopoulos to oust Andreas Papandreou, after this prime minister objected to CIA-KYP spying on his ministerial conversations, in a coup to facilitate the continued massive stationing of U.S. military/NATO nuclear weapons bases, military bases housing war mobilized American soldiers and other infrastructure of the imperial NATO capitalist imperialist war machine.

U.S. military allowed Joint US Military Advisory Group to serve as a front, cross-pollination cover for CIA combat psywar expert Edward Lansdale whose CIA psywar squad collaboration with Philippine military, wealthy landowner goon squads and police lead to the slaughter of the Philippine Huks to maintain 23 U.S. military bases in the Philippines and reinforce a U.S. Philippine trade agreement allowing foreign interests parity in the development of Philippine resources.

This policy drove the peasants and farmers off their land for the U.S. and European sugar interests and decimated the Philippine farmer population, allowing the U.S. a stationing area for the criminal bombing of Vietnam where anticolonial Vietnamese resisting this slaughter and occupation were tortured and locked in small, crippling stone boxes known as Tiger Cages and Philippine troops participated with U.S. military in slaughtering the Vietcong.

This slave factory war machine run by war mongers obliterates nations with evil criminality all over the world. Just because the media is blacking it out doesn't mean it's not occurring--right now, don't be fooled. Don't expect congressional war criminals to bring justice to those slaughtered by the U.S. imperial massacre war machine. Under the War Crimes Act of 1996--passed by the United States Congress and signed by Bill Clinton, a war crime is "a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions."

The U.S. congress relinquished their war authority to George Bush and Dick Cheney who proceeded to carry out aggressive war for natural resources and presided over a network of torture bases that included Syria and Libya, where Assad and Gaddafi helped Bush torture Arabs in dungeons, not to mention grotesque torture that still exists and has devolved into force-feeding emaciated prisoners in Guantanamo. Article 6 of the U.S. constitution says that all ratified treaties are law of the land and the U.S. ratified article 3 of the Geneva Conventions in 1949, which prohibits torture of detainees "taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms."

Many people rounded up for bounty by the U.S. military and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan didn't even have weapons, and individuals snatched and grabbed under the Bush administration extra-ordinary rendition system surely didn't have weapons, yet all of these people have suffered torture.

The U.S. Congress has violated its own Constitution, passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 suspending Posse Comitatus and gave the military the authority to arrest and detain Americans on U.S soil. They cannot be trusted to turn themselves in for war crimes or for violations of the U.S. Constitution.
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Fukushima, Fallout, Contaminated Waters and Lands do not stop in Japan

Seems to be a fad to think of the Pacific alone getting the brunt of the radionuclides from the Fukushima event of 322.  While most of the time the contaminated rainwaters reported on are from the plant location alone the radiation is now and was from the start a planet wide catastrophe.
Typhoon season in the western pacific brings more than wind and water though, it brings the endless radiation upon the lands and waters of japan right into the pacific as well, where they are recycled endlessly into more storms across the globe.  The worst imaginable perpetual motion machine of death.
The thoughtless masses doing chores in the rain or simply caught in a brief rainfall can be assured of a dose of the fukushima flu.  Your doctor sure won't be telling you were your particular cancer came from GE, Raytheon, Monsanto or IBM, and background radiation is localized from only a  few thousand % to a billion parts per billion of nuclear love nuggets.
I anticipate football stadiums echoing nothingness, shipping ports vacated, seafood processing plants vacated, boats abandoned as nuclear waste.  Death is coming via particles too small to avoid, smaller than we can taste until the sickly metallic sting settles in.  Death is coming because he has been profitable since the dawn of time and ever more so in these times of franchised slavery in for profit prisons and free range slaves having their wages and privacy turned over to a global infestation of fascism.
Bombs and Bullets just didn't kill people enough until they became nuclear, the gift that just keeps giving, depleted uranium is simply the natural evolution of the sick minds of the humans here on "earth".  Cluster bombs, land mines and chemical and biological weapons are so "yesterday".
If humanity had any sense of regret I sure do not see it, marching to a certain death for a corporation(s) is seen as the highest role the fascist hostages can attain via the medal of honor.  Sacrifice and suffering seen as useful and needed to participate in the human race toward total genocide of the species. Slaughter and slavery of body and mind no longer hidden by history books but delivered to your  mind at 60Mghz on a flat screen of 1920dpi  HD engineered mind control.
If someday an actual intelligent species does stumble across my thoughts, do not expect these ramblings to fit the mass graves and hollow thoughts of the pyramid builders or their infected dupes.
Just as before, we live in a dysfunctional matrix that infests the valleys and the waters, the hills and the skies. Death wins again.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Youtube and the threat culture within humanity,

Well, my brief venture into youtube ends as I should have expected after this long on this defective planet, with threats against me for speaking out.
I will not venture back into that den of cannibals and dust my hands of the rather shocking need to have left it but I feel my gut telling me this individual is capable of escalating and is a threat to me.
Once I started posting truth, as I knew it then, this individual has been almost violent with his language and demeanor about my having posted content he did not approve of and made himself prosecutor, jury and judge on any channel video.
After several visceral outbursts in my comments I finally blocked him from further activity on my channel and that is all. I just didn't want to be assaulted by his foul nature and outright hostility toward me for having my own view contrary to his. Implied threats of conspiracy followed but he remained subscribed to my channel so as to stalk me and jump on any comment I might make on other channels within my own subscriptions. He has a substantial number of subscribers himself, or so it seems. The nature of youtube seems to be one of thousands of facets of humanity that I have faced in my 50+ years , liars, dupes and predators sprinkled with former and present psychopaths.
I consider myself as evolved past predatory existence, but accepting charity.  I give generously then find myself victimized by friends, family and governments. 
I was a sucker to believe most people were not out to take advantage of me, simply because the numbers of predators vastly outnumber the pacifists.
I was ignorant because the world runs great for the psychopaths when the population is composed of mental midgets and depraved violent narcissists.
Imposed ignorance is the path favored by despots and thieves. Thus the earth is kept as stupid as possible so as to excuse the depraved attacks on populations across the globe made by "governments" both external and internal. 
I met both faces of humanity yet again within the framework of youtube itself, that division of google that is the presentation of the con-gress under the national security act of 1947 that declares the people to be the enemy of con-gress incorporated. Vile actors hacking my computer, subtle and annoying "errors" of the software and malicious trolls are as widespread on youtube as radiation in this fuku'ed environment.
People are flawed and pliable because that IS the code of our dna and whatever the entity actually is that feeds on our misery index it must be very healthy itself for fear and loathing are persistent.
I feel as if I exist in the twilight zone, shame on humanity of after this many thousands of years the masses cannot muster enough resistance to this madness.
I do feel there are a shallow puddle of fine people available to replenish this earth when the current structure self immolates and it surely will but the likelihood of that dna being corrupted is very high indeed.  Maybe this planet would do the galaxy a favor by vaporizing humanity with the thousands of weapons, nuclear, biological and chemical stocks on hand.
Brutal honesty and bitter sadness of fact confirmed daily via the nsa web, the re-presenters and the fictional straw men of Oz. 
I cannot fight fairly against billions, but it appears standing alone to die is my fate.  I shall never fear death or love this planet with the knowledge I have thus far. 
There is no spoon, only a knife.