Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Youtube and the threat culture within humanity,

Well, my brief venture into youtube ends as I should have expected after this long on this defective planet, with threats against me for speaking out.
I will not venture back into that den of cannibals and dust my hands of the rather shocking need to have left it but I feel my gut telling me this individual is capable of escalating and is a threat to me.
Once I started posting truth, as I knew it then, this individual has been almost violent with his language and demeanor about my having posted content he did not approve of and made himself prosecutor, jury and judge on any channel video.
After several visceral outbursts in my comments I finally blocked him from further activity on my channel and that is all. I just didn't want to be assaulted by his foul nature and outright hostility toward me for having my own view contrary to his. Implied threats of conspiracy followed but he remained subscribed to my channel so as to stalk me and jump on any comment I might make on other channels within my own subscriptions. He has a substantial number of subscribers himself, or so it seems. The nature of youtube seems to be one of thousands of facets of humanity that I have faced in my 50+ years , liars, dupes and predators sprinkled with former and present psychopaths.
I consider myself as evolved past predatory existence, but accepting charity.  I give generously then find myself victimized by friends, family and governments. 
I was a sucker to believe most people were not out to take advantage of me, simply because the numbers of predators vastly outnumber the pacifists.
I was ignorant because the world runs great for the psychopaths when the population is composed of mental midgets and depraved violent narcissists.
Imposed ignorance is the path favored by despots and thieves. Thus the earth is kept as stupid as possible so as to excuse the depraved attacks on populations across the globe made by "governments" both external and internal. 
I met both faces of humanity yet again within the framework of youtube itself, that division of google that is the presentation of the con-gress under the national security act of 1947 that declares the people to be the enemy of con-gress incorporated. Vile actors hacking my computer, subtle and annoying "errors" of the software and malicious trolls are as widespread on youtube as radiation in this fuku'ed environment.
People are flawed and pliable because that IS the code of our dna and whatever the entity actually is that feeds on our misery index it must be very healthy itself for fear and loathing are persistent.
I feel as if I exist in the twilight zone, shame on humanity of after this many thousands of years the masses cannot muster enough resistance to this madness.
I do feel there are a shallow puddle of fine people available to replenish this earth when the current structure self immolates and it surely will but the likelihood of that dna being corrupted is very high indeed.  Maybe this planet would do the galaxy a favor by vaporizing humanity with the thousands of weapons, nuclear, biological and chemical stocks on hand.
Brutal honesty and bitter sadness of fact confirmed daily via the nsa web, the re-presenters and the fictional straw men of Oz. 
I cannot fight fairly against billions, but it appears standing alone to die is my fate.  I shall never fear death or love this planet with the knowledge I have thus far. 
There is no spoon, only a knife. 

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