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Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare Big Brother database

by James S. Robbins | Posted by: jamesrobbins1 on


Would you trust thousands of low-level Federal bureaucrats and contractors with one-touch access to your private financial and medical information? Under Obamacare you won’t have any choice.
As the Obamacare train-wreck begins to gather steam, there is increasing concern in Congress over something called the Federal Data Services Hub. The Data Hub is a comprehensive database of personal information being established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to implement the federally facilitated health insurance exchanges. The purpose of the Data Hub, according to a June 2013 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, is to provide “electronic, near real-time access to federal data” and “access to state and third party data sources needed to verify consumer-eligibility information.” In these days of secret domestic surveillance by the intelligence community, rogue IRS officials and state tax agencies using private information for political purposes, and police electronically logging every license plate that passes by, the idea of the centralized Data Hub is making lawmakers and citizens nervous.
They certainly should be; the potential for abuse is enormous. The massive, centralized database will include comprehensive personal information such as income and financial data, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, social security numbers, and private health information. It will compile dossiers based on information obtained from the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, the Social Security Administration, state Medicaid databases, and for some reason the Peace Corps. The Data Hub will provide web-based, one-stop shopping for prying into people’s personal affairs.
Not to fear, HHS says, the Data Hub will be completely secure. Really? Secure like all the information that has been made public in the Wikileaks era? These days no government agency can realistically claim that private information will be kept private, especially when it is being made so accessible. Putting everyone’s personal information in once place only simplifies the challenge for those looking to hack into the system.
However, the hacker threat is the least of the Data Hub worries. The hub will be used on a daily basis by so-called Navigators, which according to the GAO are “community and consumer-focused nonprofit groups, to which exchanges award grants to provide fair and impartial public education” and “refer consumers as appropriate for further assistance.” Thousands of such people will have unfettered access to the Data Hub, but there are only sketchy guidelines on how they will be hired, trained and monitored. Given the slap-dash, incoherent way Obamacare is being implemented the prospect for quality control is low. And the Obama administration’s track record of sweetheart deals, no-bid, sole-source contracting and other means of rewarding people with insider access means the Data Hub will be firmly in the hands of trusted White House loyalists.
So if you think the IRS targeting Tea Party groups was bad, just wait for the Obamacare Navigators to be unleashed. “Trust us,” the administration says, no one will abuse the Data Hub. Sure, because that has worked out so well in the past.
James S. Robbins is Deputy Editor of Rare and author of Native Americans: Patriotism, Exceptionalism, and the New American Identity. Follow him on Twitter @James_Robbins



disassociative ignorance disorder

The conscious effort to remain ignorant when faced with the terrible conclusions and overwhelming evidence of a global effort to depopulate the planet and the related terror and treachery from your own government.
I find the following to be true, the old axiom of "ignorance is bliss" to have a conclusive effect on how tyranny succeeds or fails. 
 Across the sands of time and across the seas of the dead masses the governed always resist too late and when too weakened by the tyrants and their eager dupes enforcing "policy" to have any chance at stopping the genocides committed by the states. It is the clinging to the plausible deniability and imposed ignorance by the state run media today that a people can be plundered, pillaged and murdered by within.
To look into the skies and pass chemtrails off as contrails that is one such example by the individual, the efforts of the state run media to deny the catastrophic Fukushima triple reactor meltdown event is another.
Nobody likes to admit to being the dupe of a fraudster, charlatan or false prophet anymore than can admit to themselves that their government is in the fascist camp and plodding toward internal genocide. How do those people cope with the facts and sleep at all when the signs are everywhere and the easiest way to cope is to self commit to ignorance.
There are hundreds of not thousands of examples of genocides, democides to be more precise within this last hundred years, indeed this is a very deadly chapter of earths governments killing their own populations for what seems to be pure human sacrifice and yet the masses never want to admit they are next to be added to the victim lists. Humanity is a pretty word misinterpreted by many to convey the picture of a generous and loving species when the true definition should be a murderous and cultish race bent on the destruction of not only nations, but entire species. Humanity is an oxymoron.
If humanity,,any part of it can endure and persist to ignore the obvious planetary threats it will be a wonder if any will survive the coming and immediate threats we all face, but the masses will make it a task indeed.
Jesus wept when he realized the depth of the problem and depravity he witnessed,, and I weep also.

Harassment from the satanic states across the globe.

Deposition to UNESCO from a nuclear researcher and UK based blogger

Posted on 30 July 2013
by Arclight2011part2
published by
I live in the UK and just over 2 Years ago I was working as a London motorcycle despatch rider, delivering small but urgent supplies around the UK. Even though there was a difficult financial position in the country I was doing well and had a stable financial situation and my Taxes and debts were being well-managed.
Then in March 2011, there was a disaster at Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant. As a European with experience of Chernobyl, I expected that milk and leafy vegetables would be off the menu for a few months while the iodine 131 became inert. But that didn’t happen, even though Euractive reported that pregnant women and young children avoid milk and leafy vegetables. Though CRIIRAD of France reported this issue in 12 April 2011, no other media reported it and so these vulnerable groups in Europe or America were not informed and were put at risk.
I decided that in mid April of 2011, as the media censorship began, to begin to blog and research the actual situation on the ground in Japan and elsewhere. I discovered layers of cover ups and lies. So I attempted to find the truth of the matter for myself with my fellow bloggers on
I began posting on for a year or so and had been personally hacked twice concerning my mobile phone and found out that after being hacked by a private person/s that an investigation had been started on me instead of the offending IP address that Vodaphone had captured of one of the hackers. My other hack was by the Police and was admitted to me via my local Police station in Twickenham. I have crime numbers for both these incidents.
Also, my British Telecom land line and broadband had a ” box” fitted after i changed a modem and i was told this by an Indian out of hours phone worker. After that call i was unable to access the out of hours service and had to wait to sort out problems Monday to Friday and only during office hours.
During this initial period I started to support Christopher Busby the scientist. As I tried to blog his videos articles etc, situations such as having my broadband switched off and on other occasions I developed internet problems. This resulted in me having to post an urgent article on the blog by going to the local library and using that on an anonymous “visitors pass” to use the internet.
After I signed on to my blog and posted the article the library computer screen “jumped” around about after 5 minutes, but i had posted the article.. The next time I went to use the Library (Teddington) they had changed their policy and had been told by the Richmond Council IT manager to NOT use the temporary passes. You have to input your ID into the system first , rendering the Library system useless to activist posters and researchers in the UK who are on the Domestic Extremist Database (NDEU).
I also sent researched information to various NGO`s in support of their aims and objectives ie. CRIN UK and various Japanese NGO`s
My mobile was hacked by non government sources and my data charges went up as they were repeatedly checking the emails via my phone. The Vodaphone engineer recommended I turn off my mobile data as that would be the only way it could be stopped. This limited my access to Facebook, Twitter and other sources of instant media contact.
I tried getting a new phone and sim. This was effective for 2 days . My texts and connection got worse after a call to my friend.
After i started posting on in September 2012, I was targeted by Aviva insurance for massive rate hikes and threats to dissolve cover giving me no valid reasons . This stopped me paying a tax bill and threatened my work situation. Aviva insures the nuclear industry.
It might also be worth pointing out that the heads of Military Intelligence 5 and 6 are offered directorships on Insurance and financial corporations as well as supplying security advice and logistics as well as a way into TEMPORA/PRISM to mitigate insurance liabilities such as at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear meltdowns and the BP Gulf oil spill.
MI5 now overseas the Domestic Extremist database in the UK.
I was placed on the Domestic extremist database and have had unfair treatment, I believe, resulting in points and fines for minor motoring infractions. This never happened before as I had a clean licence and good insurance history. I was also a priority driver due to the nature of my work with the NHS etc.
I have received unusual threatening phone calls from Aviva Insurance underwriters too. It is worth noting, and worryingly, Aviva were able to cancel my insurance by text as I was riding my motorbike whilst i was delivering urgent blood to the NHS laboratories. I only discovered it when I got home some hours later. If I had gone past an ANPR camera I would have immediately lost the motorcycle according to UK law. To get the insurance cover, I had a quote of a 300 percent increase in my motorcycle work policy and no real answers as to why? I had to accept the decision or have no insurance.
My home line dialled the police phone number even though I typed in a USA number.
The police intercepted an outgoing call and answered it pretending to be one of my employers (the Daily Mail)
I had my online Vodaphone account hacked for data information and then was blocked for getting in as a spiteful action (likely by private security for the energy companies).
Friends have unusual internet problems and wonder if it is me to blame. This loses me friends as friends withdraw to protect themselves. This includes family too.
Many of my anti nuke and human rights websites I contact have strange problems and are obviously hacked or their email doesn’t work.
Some video evidence of that here;
I have had a number of emails accounts hacked including one based in Iceland (that i thought was safe). Also, emails I send to people probably often do not get there or I do not often get a reply.
my emails seem to work well enough with people I contact regularly but not always but I think that people I contact now and again may not receive mail. It’s really hard to tell but I rarely get a courtesy “received” email or reply.. I have very long delays sometimes on online messaging services. Odd problems with You Tube occur as well, especially disappearing comments and personal messages.
There is some hard evidence of email blocking .
I had a computer burn out and the following week I saw someone messing remotely with my other computer. Afterwards the other computers registry had been corrupted to stop the internet working (i actually saw the remote operator accessing windows programmes and saw the mouse moving on its own volition). I quickly learnt Linux on a newly acquired laptop and have seen a number of improvements.
I also recieved a similar email to the Bahraini activists who found FINSPY attached. I unfortunately opened the email on the hacked and now completely destroyed Windows OS computer.
I also, strongly believe that the security services or some private contractor contacted one of my main employers and got me laid off for posting a George Galloway MP article. There is some good evidence for this.
I have now got to the point of being made homeless and owing debts. I had arranged to sort out the debts in 3 months but the financial organisations reneged on the agreements and I have got many calls and letters even though no court judgements are yet in place. Though that will change soon. Then the debt collection firms will target me.
I will have to live rough and earn only cash jobs. This limits my options in the recession hit UK. I feel that I want to stay and fight this oppression in the UK as it is worrying how someone’s life can be ruined at the touch of a button, a phone call or a keystroke. I have friends and family in the UK and want to fight for their freedoms and privacies as well as others.
It might be worth noting that I was refused insurance for a camper van by 6 insurance companies.
As someone who has done an MA level university course in psychology (Brunel UK) i feel i should comment on the psychological impacts of these strategies on the poor unsuspecting blogger or journalist.
During the course of my blogging i have been fortunate to talk with professional journalists who have commended me on accumulating articles that the main stream media misses. They may not agree with everything I post but they appreciate at least some of my research. They have told me that they are unable to write the sort of posts i present as the media outlets will not touch anything that might effect the advertisers or costs from legal challenges by corporations and governments. This leaves Journalists fearing for their jobs, mortgages, at risk of intimidation and in some cases worrying for their lives.
This leaves the blogger posting from safer countries as the means of getting neglected news to the masses. Many of these articles are to do with human rights and censored subjects such as nuclear issues as well as a raft of other areas to do with health, rights and well being.
As the blogger gets noticed by the censors, it appears that he or she will receive more overt surveillance practises such as echo on the phone or disruption of the internet. This would be the first stages of open harassment by the state.
The next level of surveillance appears to be things like hacking on-line phone accounts and intercepting calls and the police pretending to be employers (to acquire information or just plain terrify the person targeted). In my case it would appear that private security firms can get involved at this stage, with separate data mining operations as well as the national security services efforts.
The third level is a direct action approach using subtle threats during phone calls and financial attack using any weaknesses. In my case this was very successful and made me homeless and un-creditworthy (after many years of successful business) within about 6 months.
For anyone thus attacked they will then have to rely on their friends and family. But there is a dilemma. In an age of well published state hacking, especially in the UK, where extremists families and friends will be targeted for “Data mining” as had happened to me and others.
Some evidence has become apparent that my family in Norway were targeted to let me know the reach of this surveillance and hacking system .
Of course for most bloggers doing this sort of work need to consider the people around them and have to withdraw contact for the privacy and safety of their friends and family. Even encrypted emails show a link that can be assessed by a security analyst. This sort of power sends a chilling effect to people around activists in the UK.
And a normal response might be to find like minded people or groups  to get support from, but there is so much politics and differing aims and objectives that not all activists are catered for within the limited fractured groups. Also, the UK police have been placing agitators in these groups rendering them largely untrustworthy by most activists.
So many activists and bloggers are forced to work largely on their own with little protection from excess policing or targeting by private security firms employed by states and corporations.
Here is an example of the director of an Australian Uranium mining company called Palladin using the services of a UK based legal corporate firm called Ashursts attacking the blog i post on at The attack is aimed at the 75 year old retired owner. had only 130 subscribers worldwide at the time! The newspaper had to withdraw the article in support of the bloggers right to freedom of expression.
This legal matter is ongoing, but will it may effect our position as being in good standing with google, to being filtered out, even without a court case?
The UK is also bringing in an internet filter that may be used to block access to certain websites including those deemed “extremist”, the same word that is used in connection with many community and environmental groups etc. Indeed the same word that has obviously been applied to me also.
This will have a particular chilling effect on our young people if they are denied the alternative voice and have to rely on corporate and government guided media for their information concerning national and world issues until they are 18. The loose definition of words and meanings cause fear and uncertainty and cause alarm concerning the informed intellectual capacity of our youth in the future..
Added to the fact that the media is often showing these groups in the worst light to the public at large, this further alienates the activist or blogger from friends and potential allies. Information that these bloggers try to get out is slandered as the catch all “conspiracy” theory or simply ill informed. Added to that powerful media outlets pour out  stories as counter claim against activists concerns without the opportunity for balanced informed and unmoderated democratic discussion.
I will stop here concerning the psychological impacts on individuals and groups as this part of my deposition requires too much space and i suspect UNESCO has a few psychologists and sociologists that will add to this UNESCO report i am sure.
I hope this deposition will reach you and I hope it will be useful to for your report.
Can you confirm your remit or limitations on this deposition concerning the anti nuclear activists component in particular? And send me a note of confirmation of receipt of this email?
This is the link i am worrying about and hope that i will not be censored owing to “certain limitations”.
“…The International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognize that they may find it necessary to apply certain limitations for the safeguarding of confidential information furnished to them…”
Many thanks for your efforts on behalf of bloggers and journalists
Yours sincerely

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At Least 75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply

75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply

 Published on Dec 7, 2011

r3VOLt23 07.12. 2011
This all is happening, nuclear and private companies: ruthless operators! Be aware. Safeguard nature, all life.
This was reported on June 22. 2011. What is happening now!?
Has this problem been removed..You better check your water!
They need to be closed all down this reactor, no one of them is safe!!
Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of United States commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows.

And the number and severity of the leaks has been escalating,
even as federal regulators extend the licences of more reactors across the US. 

Tritium, which is a radioactive form of hydrogen,
has leaked from at least 48 of 65 sites, according to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission records reviewed as part of AP's year-long examination of safety issues at ageing nuclear power plants. 

Leaks from at least 37 of those facilities contained concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard - sometimes at hundreds of times the limit. 

While most leaks have been found within plant boundaries, some have migrated offsite, but none is known to have reached public water supplies.

At three sites - two in Illinois and one in Minnesota - leaks have contaminated drinking wells of nearby homes but not at levels violating the drinking water standard. At a fourth site, in New Jersey, tritium has leaked into an aquifer and a discharge canal feeding a bay on the Atlantic Ocean. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency says tritium should measure no more than 20,000 picocuries per litre in drinking water. 

It also estimates seven of 200,000 people who drink such water for decades will develop cancer. 

The tritium leaks have also spurred doubts among independent engineers about the reliability of emergency safety systems at the 104 nuclear reactors situated on the 65 sites. 

However, federal and industry officials say the tritium leaks pose no health or safety threat. Tony Pietrangelo, chief nuclear officer of the industry's Nuclear Energy Institute, said impacts were "next to zero". 

Corrosion has occurred for decades along the hard-to-reach, wet underbellies of the reactors - generally built in a burst of construction during the 1960s and 1970s. An industry document said 38 leaks from underground piping had been found between 2000 and 2009 with nearly two-thirds of those being reported during the past five years. 

Subsurface water not only rusts underground pipes but attacks other buried components, including electrical cables that carry signals to control operations. 

A 2008 NRC staff memo reported industry data showing 83 failed cables between 21 and 30 years of service - but only 40 within their first 10 years of service. 

AP found the leaks sometimes go undiscovered for years. 

Many of the pipes or tanks have been patched, and contaminated soil and water have been removed in some places. Mistakes and defective material have contributed to some leaks but corrosion is the main cause. And, safety engineers say, the rash of leaks suggest nuclear operators are hard put to maintain the decades-old systems. 

The Union of Concerned Scientists reported in September that more than 400 known radioactive leaks of all kinds of substances had occurred over the history of the US industry. 

Nuclear engineer Bill Corcoran said that since much of the piping was inaccessible and carried cooling water, the worry was if the pipes leaked there could be a meltdown. 

Mario Bonaca, a former member of the NRC's advisory committee on Reactor Safeguards, said: "Any leak is a problem because you have the leak itself - but it also says something about the piping. Evidently something has to be done." 

An NRC taskforce on tritium leaks last year dismissed the danger to public health. Instead, its report called the leaks "a challenging issue from the perspective of communications around environmental protection" but admitted they had "impacted public confidence". 

The industry has also been trying to stop the leaks by drilling more monitoring wells and replacing old piping. So far, 66 reactors have been approved for 20-year extensions to their original 40-year licenses, with 16 more extensions pending. 

Regulators and industry have also worked in concert to loosen safety standards to keep the plants operating.
Thanks go to PRESSTV..excellent reportage
Thank You for watching It is important to learn all what is happening around us Blessings
SAY NO TO NUCLEAR close them all down!!

r3VOLt23 07.12. 2011

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Regulatory Capture

Regulatory capture occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or special concerns of interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure, as it can act as an encouragement for firms to produce negative externalities. The agencies are called "captured agencies".

Can anyone name a agency that is not corrupt that calls itself government? anyone?

nuclear foods in your cupboards?

nuclear foods in your cupboards?

called Frito-lay, no testing for fallout isotopes.
Nalley,, none,,
Libby's, none,
Delmonte , none
Thank you for contacting our Company regarding Smucker’s® products. A commitment to making only the highest quality products has been of paramount importance to our Company for over 115 years.
Quality products begin with quality ingredients and you can be confident that we use only the finest of ingredients from reputable suppliers in all of our products. In the majority of cases, we source our quality ingredients from within the United States and, when we do source from outside the United States, we ensure these ingredients also meet our high standards.
As radiation/radioactivity is not a key concern within the geographic areas from which we source our fruits and vegetables, we do not specifically test for radiation. 
We value and appreciate the perspectives of all consumers and hope that we can continue to count you among our loyal consumers for many years to come.

Radiation is no concern to the idiot masses because of deliberate collusion between corporate & state to ignore it. Profit for today, death for tomorrow!

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Ever the Realist:

There is no way to undo or stop the violence and abuses of govt.
It has progressed too far and mutilated the earth to the point of assisted suicide aka,, obamacare by diktat from time immemorial.
To convey the perspective of the "pharoahs, priests and policy is to get biblical and "subdue the earth", to exploit and search for more to swallow up, consume, utilize and exhume.
Expendable assets like humans are not "rare earth elements", to the contrary the pharoahs see the population as parasite, a virus, competition for resources that they alone as kings, ministers and presidents "rightly" own title to as divine rights.
Whether it be moral or just is no impediment to "can it be done".
Viewing roughly seven billion humans with such contempt is bound to be evident to even the slightly aware and sometimes even the masses of addled tv head voters.
Fukushima is one example of the outright hostility of these creatures, GMO another, chemtrails and the list goes on and on. To decontaminate the earth of merely atomic pollution is something beyond armageddon in practical terms, the obliteration and wiping the earth to the mantle and rebuilding fresh continents and seas is a billion year process that none of us hope to see.
The pharoah class is working with that as the goal, the Revelations of the Bible is not a warning, but a road map to a new, unblemished and virgin earth. To them we bug class humans are idiots and fools that deserve contempt, derision and exploitation.
To view the "leaders" of any city, county, state or nation without realizing they see you with a bar code on your head already is to be ripe for picking.
They have twisted the brains of humans as a species ruthlessly for every generation in existence.
To view any human as incorruptible  is foolhardy and dangerous, to view the pharoah class with anything short of viper class cold emotionless disregard is to invite genocide openly into your home.
That is precisely what billions are doing when watching tv, the tv projects you into myth and fiction intended only to hasten the next genocide and passively assist  by not resisting at all.
If you are human. you must resist somehow and shout your disapproval.
If there are still elements within the matrix that know things are evil but hesitant to take physical actions you can still resist by standing down, genocide is not a alternative for the globe but a certainty that you will either embrace or resist but the time to back out is rapidly vanishing.
The Beast is actively recruiting and consuming souls in every nation, every family is or will soon be impacted by his reach.
To resist is quite dangerous, to be an accomplice is unforgivable.
Not warning others is not risking catastrophe, it is guaranteeing it.
Have a voice for humanity.  

KPOV Followup

"Hi KC,

Coincidentally, Democracy Now, one of KPOV's daily syndicated shows, had an
update on Fukishima this morning!

I will forward your information to our hosts, but they are all volunteers
and set their schedules themselves, so I can't guarantee that they will be
available for an interview.

Thanks for sending your information.

Pearl Stark
KPOV Station Manager
541 322-0863

KPOV, 88.9 FM, High Desert Community Radio
501 NW Bond St.
Bend, OR 97701

Tune in to 88.9FM, KPOV.  Local radio by the people and for the people of
Central Oregon!"

Hmm,, Not one question I asked was addressed, not one.

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If you think being innocent means you wont get convicted, this could happen to you!

Murdered by the state. FBI complicit.
Published on Jul 22, 2013
Cops and Prosecutors have been in bed for decades and here is the proof. This can happen to anyone that does not file motions and simply thinks that the truth will come to light. The truth has come out but a little too late for this poor man. Cops will ignore evidence, perjure themselves, and try to get you to talk in order to twist your words. I plead the 5th after giving my id to any cop and ask for an attorney. No real arguments were made by the public defender!!!!! The man was not able to bring up any facts and the public defender did nothing! Wonder if any motions were filed. Also, the judge probably never held a probable cause hearing since nobody requested one. It makes you wonder if the kid that killed the girl was maybe related to a cop or public official. You never know. Too many people have the attitude that if they are innocent, nothing bad can happen to them since the system will show that they are innocent. However, when you think about how many people paid by the state are going to testify against you, it's a miracle more innocent people have not been wrongfully convicted. This video is one of the millions out there that shows how the system has been corrupt since before you were born. I make these videos so people can contact me and prepare ahead of time. However, most have followed me for years and call me after the fact. If you ever get set up for a serious crime, what if you can't bail out? This is why it's better to have the knowledge and not need it at the time, than needing the knowledge and not having it at the time. Stay safe out there folks. Cops are paid to make criminals out of you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

to Pearl @ KPOV

to Pearl

silence means approval or submission of genocide. its been two weeks
and not a word from you.

so at least answer me this, are you looking forward to the millions of
dead, or are you willing to give in to the thought that 90% of
everyone you know could be dead or dying in 5 years or less by
remaining silent?

do you believe that duty to obama is above that of 7 billion others on
this planet?

do you think that tepco is actually capable of stopping the damage
already done or even capable of fixing the continued war on humanity
spewing from fukushima?

isn't a event like this the purpose of global co-operation and pooled
resources and tepco should be begging for help and not shunning it or
even been replaced after 850+ days of billions of hot particles every
day?  into the seas, the skies and the soils.  forever. iodine 129 has
a half,, HALF life of 15,700 years and one subatomic particle can
actually kill you and yours.

answer any of the above questions or all

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Criminally Stupid:Nature or Nurture?

criminally stupid, how did you end up that way nature or nurture?

For the average American unaware of the global systems in place to rape, pillage and murder them it would appear the liars around us are few, but the numbers in place to harvest the energy of the masses is actually a significant percentage of the population. Few of the eager and willing dupes have any real empathy for what they refer to as "enemy combatants", the general public. In fact they commonly see each and every one of us as assets to be expended , exploited and whenever needed, executed as sacrifices.  The problem seems to be criminal stupidity and to a lesser extent, criminal exploitation of the human races by a cartel of evil that imposes by peer pressure and revisionist fairy tales called history, laws and the news.
Being aware of the history, laws and news as presented by the cartel is to be their slave forever for hey have created systems quite effective in each of their chosen fields.  As governments expand their influence they generally seem to have a slim chance of holding power at all if they do not participate in the human trafficking in stupidity and malaise created by the prior cartel placeholder. They must not only seek out ways and means to exploit their asset citizens, they must maintain allegiance to the imposition of ignorance cultivated over the millennium.
By keeping the masses distracted and sick, brain washed by constant streams of propaganda and fear the few convince a few more that the system is working great and they can "vote" and correct "failures" within the structure.   Nothing could be further from the truth in application since the contract is exploitation and coercion and the sheer numbers of stakeholders within the present matrix have a lot riding on the continued criminal ignorance imposed by the "mis-leaders". 

"Ignorance is one of the great social lubricants"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Judge to mull if airlines owe WTC owners over 9/11 inside job

Unfreaking imagineable gall of the system:  
note to govt: we know YOU did the hit. 
Judge to mull if airlines owe WTC owners over 9/11

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Jul 13, 11:27 AM (ET)
(AP) In this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, American Airlines Flight 175 closes in on World Trade...
Full Image

NEW YORK (AP) - A judge who has presided over most of the litigation stemming from the Sept. 11 attacks will decide whether the owners of the World Trade Center can try to make aviation companies pay billions of dollars in damages.
U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein said he will announce his decision immediately after hearing several witnesses and listening to arguments in a nonjury trial starting Monday and expected to last three days.
The trial will decide whether World Trade Center Properties and its affiliates can receive more than the $4.9 billion in insurance proceeds they have already recovered since the 9/11 attacks by terrorists who hijacked commercial airliners and flew them into the 110-story twin towers. The attacks led to the destruction of the towers as well as a third trade center building.
If the judge should decide that the World Trade Center owners were entitled to additional money, a liability trial might occur. The defendants include American Airlines Inc., AMR Corp., United Airlines Inc., US Airways Inc., Colgan Air Inc., Boeing Co. (BA) and the Massachusetts Port Authority, among others.
(AP) In this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, American Airlines Flight 175 closes in on World Trade...
Full Image
The airlines and other aviation-related companies were sued with the reasoning that they were negligent, allowing terrorists to board airplanes and overtake their crews before plunging the planes into the trade center complex, destroying three buildings. Hellerstein has already said the maximum the trade center owners could recover from aviation defendants would be $3.5 billion. The trade center owners say it has cost more than $7 billion to replace the twin towers and more than $1 billion to replace the third trade center building that fell.
In court papers, both sides have accused the other of unfairly characterizing their claims, with the aviation defendants saying the trade center owners were being "absurd" and the complex's owners labeling some of the aviation defendants' arguments as "nonsense."
The aviation defendants say Hellerstein should conclude that the trade center owners are entitled to no award because they've already been reimbursed by insurance companies for the same damage they are trying to force aviation defendants to pay for as well. They also note that the replacement buildings are more modern and fancy than the original buildings.
Of the 7 World Trade Center building - the first to be rebuilt after the attacks - the lawyers wrote that the trade center owners "built a new, state of the art 'green' building that bears little resemblance to the office building that collapsed as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."
They said they plan to call only two witnesses: an expert on law and economics and an expert in the adjustment of insurance claims. Additional evidence they will introduce will include leases, insurance policies, proof of loss, communications between trade center leaseholders and their insurers, and financial statements.
In their court papers, the trade center's owners insist that recovering money from aviation defendants would not result in a "double recovery" because of the billions they've already received from insurers. And they note that their rebuilding costs "far exceed" what they've received from insurers.

Racist Bastards,, in government.

     This is true, researched and suits were filed against Dollar General & BMW in June of this year.......
                      The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Black Criminals
July 4, 2013
Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Fourth of July, everyone. God bless America. The question is: Will there still be an America, or capitalism, after President Barack Obama is through with his second term?
It sure doesn’t look good to me. We have no money for fireworks displays at military bases across America and no money for patriotic fly-overs at military academy graduation ceremonies. We are letting down our heroes, the people who sacrifice selflessly for us.
But there was $100 million for Obama’s trip to visit Africa, and Obama has now pledged $7 billion to double electricity access in Africa. This has to be a comedy skit, right? This must be a nightmare. It can’t be for real, right? Seven billion dollars for African electricity, while he kills the coal industry so average, middle-class Americans won’t be able to afford our own electric bills? What about our $17 trillion debt in America, our trillion-dollar deficit, our disgraceful failing public schools or our aging and decrepit infrastructure?
And Obama also has billions of dollars in aid as well as military aid for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Palestinians? Even the protesters in Tahir Square in Cairo are accusing Obama of propping up the Muslim Brotherhood. Are you kidding me? Something is deep-down deadly wrong, folks. This man is destroying our country and our economy. He is killing the middle class. He is making a mockery of American values across the globe.
But don’t take my word for it. Let me give you perhaps the perfect example. Everything I just mentioned is child’s play compared to Obama’s newest directive. Now, Obama has truly gone off the deep end. He’s thrown off his cloak to show the “S” on his chest, standing for social justice. Obama has just decided to kick the U.S. economy while it’s down.
What’s Obama’s latest brainstorm? Force businesses to hire criminals — and not just any criminals. Obama wants black criminals to step to the front of the employment line. If only I were joking.
Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is charging the automaker BMW and the national retailer Dollar General with racism, discrimination and violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act for using criminal background checks before hiring employees.
How can this be? Don’t companies have a right to check backgrounds before hiring employees that represent them? Don’t companies have a right not to hire convicted criminals? Not anymore. Not in Obama’s America. At least, not if the criminal is black.
The Obama government’s logic is frightening. The EEOC argues that because blacks are more likely to have been convicted of a crime, doing a criminal check discriminates against blacks. So when you won’t hire an applicant because of his criminal record you are… wait for it… yes, a racist.
Seriously, folks. This is happening in the United States of America. If the courts hold for Obama, this will be the final body blow to job creation, economic freedom and the U.S. economy.
But let’s set that aside for a moment and think what this does to your own civil rights.
When you hand your credit card to the clerk in a store, wouldn’t you like to know he isn’t a convicted identity thief? When you walk into an empty home for sale, wouldn’t you like to know if the realtor is a murderer? When your wife goes for a massage, wouldn’t you like to know the masseuse isn’t a convicted rapist? Or, worse yet, when your child goes to school, child care or an after-school program, wouldn’t you like to know the person you’re leaving your child with isn’t a convicted predator, sexual abuser or pornographer? If Obama gets his way, there will be no way of knowing, certainly not if the employee is black.
Well, according to the Obama Administration, if you ask those questions of a black job applicant, you are a racist and committing a crime yourself.
How can anyone run a business not knowing if the people he hires to deal with customers might be convicted rapists, thieves or murderers? Employees are the public face of your business. They represent your brand. They are your thin blue line, your eyes, ears and face to your customers. And don’t think you won’t be sued if one of your employees commits a criminal act against one of your customers.
How bad can this get? Well, the EEOC not only wants to ban background checks for black Americans, it wants the 70 black job applicants who BMW refused to hire because of criminal records to now be hired and given back pay and legal costs. On the other hand, the white applicants who were rejected don’t have to be hired. Obama’s EEOC argues it’s fair to do criminal background checks on whites.
You couldn’t make this up in a fictional novel without being laughed at. You couldn’t put this in a “Saturday Night Live” skit. The critics would call you ridiculous. Yet it’s happening in real life under Obama.
So, what choices does a businessman have if the Obama government wins its case? First, companies will cut back hiring as much as possible. But if you are a business owner in this hostile Obama workplace environment, you’ve probably already done that.
Second, if you do start a new business, you’ll be looking at a business model that require no employees or very few employees.
Third, you might decide to close your current business. It just isn’t worth it under Obama to take big financial risks, when government makes it this dangerous, difficult and unappealing.
Fourth, if you do need to hire employees, since you have to follow the law, companies will find some unrelated reason not to hire the applicant on whom they are legally unable to conduct a background check. Talk about “unintended consequences.” Young black men, say goodbye to jobs.
So who here is destroying the U.S. economy and who here is the racist? Is it the employer who is color blind and hires on ability and character (after seeing the results of background checks) or Obama, whose policies force employers to either stop hiring, slow hiring or hire as few black applicants as possible?
Obama proves every day that you can’t run an economy based on equality, social justice and retribution.
Somewhere out there in cyberspace, some liberal wacko extremist will accuse me of being a racist for daring to talk about race. Just remember that all I’ve done here is describe Obama’s jobs policy. These are all his words. He is suing employers to stop background checks on one specific group: black Americans. He is the one saying that blacks have much higher levels of criminal records. He is the one demanding black criminals be hired. He is the one saying in court filings that background checks on whites are perfectly fine.
Oh, and remember one other thing. The true definition of a racist is: anyone who’s winning a debate with an Obama supporter.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Independence Day. Let’s all pray for independence soon from Obama. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless.

"no immediate threat"

survivor:fukushima the global game of genocide

silence is consent and not warning others is to be an

What we are witnessing is a manufactured crisis on a

global scale that cannot be denied not defined by visuals,

smell or touch.  One of the weapons that is silent and

persistent and ever so deadly that is preferred by the

psychopaths over mere bombs and bullets for the crime is

easy to dismiss as "no immediate threat".

"no immediate threat" like chemtrails

"no immediate threat" printing money into obsolesence

"no immediate threat" like gmo

"no immediate threat" govt spying and metadata


"no immediate threat" like vaccines with mercury etc.

"no immediate threat" like the billions of bullets bought by dhs.

Funny thing this odorless, colorless invisible poison radiation.. the govt loves it more than money which is a huge thing to them. It also allows the media to ignore it and dismiss concerns since it is "not an immediate threat" like perhaps elephants dropping from the sky would be.
KPOV the local public broadcasting whores will not allow me to discuss it without attending a "mandatory" DJ class which is only available at the Bend Campus which is trouble for me as a disabled vet that supposedly fought for freedom of speech............I guess they need to do a prostrate exam and collect DNA, fecal and urine samples for future weapons development.


" I don’t think any glaring lie about the ongoing global geoengineering programs has enraged me so much as the criminal lies contained in the total propaganda site posted below put out by NASA. The attempt to completely brainwash our beautiful children has reached a new pinnacle of criminality.
What sort of spineless corrupt bastards does it take to organize a program with the sole purpose of making our innocent children believe that the chemical trails they see in the sky are just “water vapor”? What kind of demented morally depraved psychopaths does it take to tell our children what they see in the sky is harmless even though the spraying is the very reason so many of our beautiful little beings have ADD, autism, asthma, and so many other ailments??

Do go to the link and explore the site.

Oakland News Station Releases Asiana Pilots Names: "Captain Sum Ting Wong"

Showing the complete lack of integrity common to the main stream news washing the brains of people clear of rational thought, the channel 2 newswhores read the teleprompter.....

An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I feel like the last to know the real evil that is the state of this thing called nuclear.
Everything is contaminated, it's a wonder there is anything left alive on this planet.
How could this be so huge and so discreet without a massive media complicit in the crimes, there seems no crime this big could be so ignored by anyone with a conscious. It seems the entire structure of government is to kill us off by any and all means now, whether radiation, gmo or those ever present streams in the sky that already bear enough killer rads to do the job but the govt's of the world remain silent about the extra toxins in the chemtrails they spray upon us.
Where is God in all of this? Do I bear the blame? Could I  have possibly done anything when the plot was written eons ago for us all?
Seems pointless to take interest in screaming at such a massive evil agenda when most of the world would rather ignore reality and exist within the construct evil has built.
Ignorance by will or by deceit? Has this greater evil any chance at truly paying for the crimes when there are so many eager, willing accomplices to the end game?
I am caught between worlds it seems, as if being human is by default being the monster by ignorance or by selling out to satan.
Where is true compassion in a world built to destroy it..........

Do take the time to visit the link and be prepared to be shocked.

Atom Bomb Test Fallout Caused Cancer, 61.600,000 deaths

Samuel S. Epstein

Samuel S. Epstein

Posted: December 23, 2010 08:10 AM

The huge mushroom clouds from atom bomb tests of the 1950s and 1960s are an unforgettable part of the American saga. The tests were cloaked in rhetoric typical of the Cold War, i.e. they were needed to achieve "superiority" over the Soviets in the event of a nuclear war.
But all the patriotic nuclear talk couldn't prevent widespread concern that nuclear war would kill tens of millions. But many were also troubled by fallout in the mushroom clouds, which contained huge amounts of over 100 deadly radioactive chemicals that traveled through the air across the continental U.S. Precipitation brought this fallout back to earth -- and into the food chain and human bodies.
Concerns became so great that scientists and citizens began calling for studies of how much fallout was entering people's bodies, and how much harm it was causing -- especially to the highly-sensitive fetuses, infants, and children. Dr. Herman Kalckar of the National Institutes of Health published an article in August 1958, calling for a baby tooth "census" -- a program of collecting teeth and testing them in laboratories for fallout levels. In particular, Kalckar suggested that Strontium-90 be measured.
Of the more than 100 radioactive chemicals in fallout, Sr-90 was the most feared. Chemically similar to calcium, it attaches to bone and teeth, where it attacks cells, causing cancer. It can penetrate into the bone marrow, where the red and white blood cells so important to the immune response are formed. In 1956, Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson made a speech singling out the potency of Sr-90:
"This radioactive fallout, as it is called, carries something that's called strontium-90, which is the most dreadful poison in the world. For only one tablespoon equally shared by all the members of the human race could produce a dangerous level of radioactivity in the bones of every individual."
In December 1958, a group of visionary scientists at Washington University in St. Louis, working with the citizen group Committee for Nuclear Information, began collecting baby teeth, locally and across the country. They obtained federal grants to cover their costs, and generated large numbers of volunteers to help with tooth collection. Schools, PTAs, churches, scout groups, dental societies, libraries and clinics all took part. Children were rewarded for donating teeth with a small button bearing a likeness of a boy with a gap in his front teeth, with the phrase "I Gave My Tooth to Science."
A staggering total of about 320,000 teeth were collected over the next dozen years. Lab tests found that children born in 1963 had about 50 times more Sr-90 in teeth than those born in 1950. Washington University officials used their results in testimony to the U.S. Senate leading to the Partial Test Ban Treaty signed by President John F. Kennedy, ending all above-ground atom bomb tests.
Testing had ended, but the thorny question of health hazards to Americans -- especially children -- remained. U.S. childhood cancer rates had climbed in the 1950s and early 1960s, but scientists were stumped as to why. Studies of the fallout-cancer link were only conducted after the Cold War had ended. A 2002 U.S. Centers for Disease Control report calculated that fallout caused 15,000 U.S. cancer deaths, a figure some believed was a gross underestimate. The following year, a blue ribbon European panel reported 61,600,000 cancer deaths worldwide from fallout.
The St. Louis tooth study was seemingly headed for the history books, until 2001, when Washington University officials stumbled upon 85,000 teeth not used in the study in a remote storage area. The school donated the teeth to the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), a research group conducting its own study of Sr-90 in baby teeth, near U.S. nuclear reactors. Each tooth is enclosed in a small envelope attached to a card identifying the tooth donor.
RPHP scientists recognized that these teeth could help answer the long-awaited question of fallout's harm to the health of Americans. The tooth donors, now in their 40s and 50s, could be tracked at current addresses or through death records. And Sr-90 could still be measured in each tooth, as the chemical decays very slowly.
Earlier this month, the first results of the RPHP health study were released in an article in the International Journal of Health Services. Baby teeth of St. Louis baby boomers who died of cancer by age 50 had more than double -- 122 percent more -- the Sr-90 concentration than did Boomers who are alive and healthy. This research, known as a case-control study, is the first evidence that bomb tests harmed Americans using actual levels of fallout in human bodies. It is not yet possible to estimate the number of cancer victims from fallout, but it appears that the CDC estimate of 15,000 deaths is too low.
Bomb testing into the atmosphere ended in 1963, and even below-ground tests stopped in 1992. The study of fallout's impact on cancer, however, is not an idle look into history, but has much current relevance, namely:
1. With 150 million Americans alive who were exposed to above-ground bomb tests, and with 40% expected to be diagnosed with cancer at some point, it is important to understand causes of the disease.
2. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1996, which proposes to end all atom bomb tests, has been ratified by 153 nations - but not the U.S. President Obama has pledged to convince the U.S. Senate to ratify the treaty, and information on health risk is an important aspect supporting the Treaty.
3. The 104 nuclear power reactors in the U.S. produce the same mixture of chemicals as atom bomb tests. Most of this toxic mixture is stored as high level nuclear waste, but some is emitted into the air and water, and enters human bodies. The RPHP study of baby teeth showed that Sr-90 levels in children near reactors were 30-50 percent greater than children in distant areas, and that levels were rising sharply over time, as aging reactors corrode.
Studying health risks of radioactive emissions from both weapons and reactors has been a highly politicized issue, as the military and industries producing these chemicals are not eager to present findings of harm. However, the only way to truly reduce cancer rates is to understand causes and take preventive actions. Baby teeth, even those from half a century ago, hold the clues to one such cause.
Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
Professor emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition
Chicago, Illinois
Joseph Mangano, MPH, MBA
Executive Director, Radiation and Public Health Project
New York

A Long History of Untruthiness by U.S. Intelligence

A Long History of Untruthiness by U.S. Intelligence

America’s chief intelligence officers have a longstanding history of untruthiness -- testifying falsely and fearlessly.
They are caught in a dilemma -- sworn to secrecy yet sworn to tell the truth. Sometimes they get their facts wrong; that’s human error. But sometimes their untruths are conscious. Soldiers can die as a consequence.
This practice can slowly corrode a cornerstone of democracy, the rule of law.
The latest episode involves the testimony of the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, in March on the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping on Americans. The question to Clapper from the Senate Intelligence Committee was straightforward: “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper simply answered: “No.”
Now, almost four months later, he concedes: “My response was clearly erroneous.” He corrected the record only after the metadata program was revealed by the meta-leaker Edward Snowden.
Clapper joins a grand tradition. Allen Dulles, the Cold War commander of the Central Intelligence Agency, was a champion at untruthiness.
Dulles described his vision of a small, subtle spy service to Congress in 1947. “The personnel need not be very numerous,” he said. A few hundred men would do the trick. By January 1951, Dulles commanded worldwide covert operations as deputy director of central intelligence, with thousands of paramilitary troops and a secret budget worth $3.5 billion today.

Guatemala Coup

Dulles went to a formal White House briefing for President Dwight Eisenhower on the CIA’s 1954 coup in Guatemala, in which the agency overthrew a freely elected president and installed a pliant pro-U.S. colonel named Carlos Castillo Armas. “How many men did Castillo Armas lose?” Ike asked. Only one, said the CIA’s briefer. “Incredible,” said the president.
At least 43 of Castillo Armas’s men had been killed. Dulles didn’t correct the record. This was a turning point. Cover stories required for covert action overseas were now part of the CIA’s political conduct in Washington.
“Many of us who joined the CIA did not feel bound in the actions we took as staff members to observe all the ethical rules,” said Richard Bissell, chief architect of the Bay of Pigs invasion and the development of the U-2 spy plane. In theory, only the president had the power to order a U-2 mission. But Bissell ran the program, and he was petulant about filing flight plans. He argued with the White House to risk one last spy flight over the Soviet Union, just days before a planned peace conference in Paris between Ike and the Soviet leader. On May Day 1960, as the president had feared, the U-2 was shot down in central Russia.
Dulles put out the cover story: A weather plane had been lost in Turkey. Eisenhower was stuck with it. Then Moscow revealed that it had captured the CIA pilot, alive. The peace summit was scuttled; the president was shattered. Eisenhower walked into the Oval Office on May 9 and said out loud: “I would like to resign.” In retirement, he said the greatest regret of his presidency was “the lie we told about the U-2. I didn’t realize how high a price we were going to pay for that lie.”
Richard Helms, director of central intelligence from 1966 to 1973, paid his own price. President Richard Nixon nominated him as ambassador to Iran. During the confirmation hearings on his appointment, Helms was asked, under oath, about the overthrow of President Salvador Allende of Chile. Did the CIA have anything to do with that? No, sir, Helms had answered. He eventually stood before a federal judge on a charge of a misdemeanor count of failing to tell Congress the whole truth.

Casey’s Contempt

William Casey, director of central intelligence from 1981 to 1987, was “guilty of contempt of Congress from the day he was sworn in,” said his deputy, Robert Gates, who later served as the agency’s director and as secretary of defense.
Admiral Bobby Ray Inman was the director of the NSA when President Ronald Reagan ordered him to serve as Casey’s No. 2. He resigned after 15 months because “I caught him lying to me in a number of cases.” The deceit spread downward from the director’s office; it led to the tragicomedy in which the White House and the CIA sold weapons to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and skimmed the profit to finance counterrevolutionaries in Central America.
George Tenet, director of central intelligence from 1997 to 2004, told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Sept. 17, 2002: “Iraq provided al-Qaeda with various kinds of training -- combat, bomb-making, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear.” He based that statement on the confessions of a fringe player in the global jihad who had been beaten, stuffed in a 2-foot-square box for 17 hours and threatened with prolonged torture.
The prisoner had recanted after the threat of torture receded. Tenet didn’t correct the record.
On Oct. 7, 2002, expanding on the CIA’s shaky intelligence, President George W. Bush said that Iraq “possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons.” He went on to warn that “Iraq could decide on any given day to provide a biological or chemical weapon to a terrorist group or individual terrorist.”
Days before, Tenet’s deputy, John McLaughlin, had contradicted the president’s claims directly, in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. On orders from the White House, Tenet issued a statement: “There is no inconsistency between our view of Saddam’s growing threat and the view as expressed by the president.”
That wasn’t true. “It was the wrong thing to do,” Tenet testified almost four years later, after more than 3,000 American deaths. It was the last thing he should have said, and he knew it.
(Tim Weiner, a former national security correspondent for the New York Times, is the author, most recently, of “Enemies: History of the FBI.”)
To contact the writer of this article: Tim Weiner at
To contact the editor responsible for this article: Katy Roberts at