Monday, July 22, 2013

If you think being innocent means you wont get convicted, this could happen to you!

Murdered by the state. FBI complicit.
Published on Jul 22, 2013
Cops and Prosecutors have been in bed for decades and here is the proof. This can happen to anyone that does not file motions and simply thinks that the truth will come to light. The truth has come out but a little too late for this poor man. Cops will ignore evidence, perjure themselves, and try to get you to talk in order to twist your words. I plead the 5th after giving my id to any cop and ask for an attorney. No real arguments were made by the public defender!!!!! The man was not able to bring up any facts and the public defender did nothing! Wonder if any motions were filed. Also, the judge probably never held a probable cause hearing since nobody requested one. It makes you wonder if the kid that killed the girl was maybe related to a cop or public official. You never know. Too many people have the attitude that if they are innocent, nothing bad can happen to them since the system will show that they are innocent. However, when you think about how many people paid by the state are going to testify against you, it's a miracle more innocent people have not been wrongfully convicted. This video is one of the millions out there that shows how the system has been corrupt since before you were born. I make these videos so people can contact me and prepare ahead of time. However, most have followed me for years and call me after the fact. If you ever get set up for a serious crime, what if you can't bail out? This is why it's better to have the knowledge and not need it at the time, than needing the knowledge and not having it at the time. Stay safe out there folks. Cops are paid to make criminals out of you.

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