Thursday, July 18, 2013

Criminally Stupid:Nature or Nurture?

criminally stupid, how did you end up that way nature or nurture?

For the average American unaware of the global systems in place to rape, pillage and murder them it would appear the liars around us are few, but the numbers in place to harvest the energy of the masses is actually a significant percentage of the population. Few of the eager and willing dupes have any real empathy for what they refer to as "enemy combatants", the general public. In fact they commonly see each and every one of us as assets to be expended , exploited and whenever needed, executed as sacrifices.  The problem seems to be criminal stupidity and to a lesser extent, criminal exploitation of the human races by a cartel of evil that imposes by peer pressure and revisionist fairy tales called history, laws and the news.
Being aware of the history, laws and news as presented by the cartel is to be their slave forever for hey have created systems quite effective in each of their chosen fields.  As governments expand their influence they generally seem to have a slim chance of holding power at all if they do not participate in the human trafficking in stupidity and malaise created by the prior cartel placeholder. They must not only seek out ways and means to exploit their asset citizens, they must maintain allegiance to the imposition of ignorance cultivated over the millennium.
By keeping the masses distracted and sick, brain washed by constant streams of propaganda and fear the few convince a few more that the system is working great and they can "vote" and correct "failures" within the structure.   Nothing could be further from the truth in application since the contract is exploitation and coercion and the sheer numbers of stakeholders within the present matrix have a lot riding on the continued criminal ignorance imposed by the "mis-leaders". 

"Ignorance is one of the great social lubricants"

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