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THE patient sufferance of The
People of the United S
tates of America will no longer
at the mercy of our
of the United States of America bring before the government
grievances. This comes as
a response to the
campaign of tyranny and misrepresentation
being waged by our federal government
Our Constitutional Republic
is for and
by the
Sovereign People,
and in saying this we remind those in government
, We The
People are the stakeholders in our country not
our representatives. We, The
People, have repeatedly petitioned the government to halt legislation and laws that alter
or dismiss
our natural rights. We, The
People of the
States of America,
our grievances
are heard
Herein are our
passed legislation
, executive orders, bills, declarations,
orders, proclamations, laws, policies, resolutions, rules, codes, motions, provisions,
which alter or
challenge each citizens natural rights
refused to read
or debate all legislation
, bills, laws, resolutions, etc
introduced into session
engaged in offensive military actions against countries which pose no danger to the
United S
or its in
and supports
the actions of foreign nations
and dictators
, nations
and dictators
who murder, restrict
and oppress their people
erected government bodies, who impose the will of the President and
the Presidents
istration, which alt
er our natural
rights without the
consent of the people
citizens for peacefully assembling and
exercising their natural right to free speech
barbarously passed legislation negating the fourth amendment of the Constitution of the
tes of America
which alters
the checks and
balances system of our government
participated in
the treacherous practice of
allowing lobbyists
to alter legislation our representative’s author through the persuasion of bribes
created secret bodies of g
overnment which have no oversight from the government or the people of the
encouraged our represen
tatives to lie to the citizens,
through not holding them accountable for falsely representing
facts, legislation, budgets, etc
been dish
onest with the people of the
about reasons and motives that foreign nations are not willing to
engage in
trade and
often infringed upon the right to keep and bear military arms, weaponry, and other tools of war that are necess
ary t
a well regulated
and refuses to change the
illegal and
taxation system
created bodies of government for socialist programs and mandate
taxation of wages for said
created Preside
ntial “executive orders” that go beyond the constitutional authority vested in the
presidency and the
federal government
to the people of the
in reference to the governments failures and is not humble
when it
continued t
o allow and promote the use of interrogation techniques which maim, injure or kill their suspects which further
America is of no higher moral code th
an anyone else around the world
including our
continued to direct America int
debt and refuse
to address budgetary issues in the name of party politics
promoted the devaluation of America’s currency by allowing the Federal Reserve to create money at will
and continues its molesting and
of its people by the Transportation Security Administration
, and other federal
which are a blatant
infringement of
our natural rights as defined in
Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
arms and trains enemies of the
to become entangled in foreign affairs which result in
a great deal
blowback on America
and its interests
and infringes on the sovereignty of foreign nations
the people to pay taxes to imprison enemies of the state at
great cost to the soverei
gn people
with no outcome but to rot in prison at the
people’s expense
and enforces laws which restrict the peoples natural rights to freedom of choice as to
their life liberty and pursuit of happiness
taxes its citizen
s to support its own spending addiction
government oversight into personal lives by attaching technolog
chips into our personal technology in the name of security
private property through eminent domain and does not use
for the public good or for government, but rather sells the land
to private businesses
corporations to contribute to the campaigns of politicians
under the guise of the
amendment of the Constitution of the United States
ly allowed the
xecutive to implement programs, appoint unelected
officials, created i
llegal federal agencies
and wage war without
the consent of The Congress
suspended Habeas Corpus
, and
made lists of
, and executed
without trial, American citizens.
to regulate The
People under the misinterpretation of Article 1 Section 8 Subsection 3 which does not allow for the
regulation of
individuals or their rights.
Although this proclamation does not encompass all grievances, the
grievances described are blatantly administered to the dismay of our, the
Sovereign P
eoples, natural rights. We, The
eople, have allowed time and opportunity for the government to resist the temptation
of indulging in unconstitutional power that
positions of government can provide. We are at a pivotal moment in our countries history. Action
must be taken to ensure we remain free and uninhibited from pursuing happiness as each of us, the
Sovereign P
eople, see fit. Our country was
founded upon mora
ls of goodness
, liberty, and individual freedom
not the tyrannical oppression
which we have described
in our grievances.
As The
eople of the
of America
we demand the government cease and desist its corrupt ways and unconstitution
practices which repel, alter or even challenge our natural rights as defined in the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the
States of
America. We demand all grievances as described be addressed, debated and all legislation, executive orders, bills
, declarations,
proclamations, laws, policies, resolutions, rules, codes, motions, provisions, etc be
and all future legislation follow the guidelines
of one of our most precious founding documents, the
Constitution of the United
We, the people, will
continue to
the government
for redress of our grievances if the ears of our government are not opened and in tune with its people.
Matthew Liskey Esq. and Col. Ian Houston

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The Pledge

The Pledge

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Want to know why Republicans – especially Republican “conservatives” – are getting zero traction politically as well as philosophically against the “liberals” they claim to oppose? Why they are a spent force?pledge picture
It is because they’re hypocrites. Pots calling the kettles black.
You cannot – to cite just one example of their intellectual-ethical disconnect – denounce welfare  . .  while defending Social Security. Because they’re both the same thing: The taking by force of one man’s property (his money – and if that’s not handed over, then his physical property will be taken and transmuted into money) in order to hand it over to some other person. That is the essence of the thing. It’s irrelevant whether the beneficiary of the largesse seems to you to be worthy – as “good Republicans” view the flag-waving oldsters on the dole who “paid in” to the system (but who were merely taxed in their turn and who now wish to prey on others to recoup their losses). What’s relevant – the only relevant thing – is, simply: Do you support use of government threats and violence to take other people’s property for your (or someone else’s) benefit for any reason? If you do, then you cannot object to other people’s advocacy of the same thing for their own reasons.oily republican 2
Not, at any rate, without being an obvious hypocrite. A Babbitt. A Grifter – who denies he is a grifter. Which is to say, the most odious sort of grifter. The one who brays about his morality – while denouncing others for being (as he styles it) immoral.
Which is exactly – and rightly – how Republicans (especially “conservative” ones) are viewed by liberal Democrats. To their credit, they – the Democrats – at least have a twisted type of honesty on their side.
They are openly for transfers-at-gunpoint.
Republicans are, too – of course. They merely regard those favored by Democrats as illegitimate. Republican support for the use of force to obtain the property of others is “different”  . . . somehow.Janus 1
The how is hard to puzzle out.
Either it is – or isn’t – acceptable to take from Smith to give to Jones. To make an exception – any exception – is to surrender the field. No, worse. It is to embrace the enemy.
To be like him.
And that’s exactly what Republicans are – and why this country continues to descend ever deeper into the morass of redistributionist collectivism. Tweedle Dee – and Tweedledum. Is it not madness to expect a prison to cease the practice of executing prisoners by periodically giving the inmates the opportunity to vote for a warden who favors lethal injection as opposed to the gas chamber?
The only way to effectively challenge wealth transfer at gunpoint is to challenge the idea of it – as opposed to one or another particular gunpoint
This, Republicans – and most notoriously, Republican “conservatives” – have manifestly failed to do. They defend the transfer-at-gunpoint programs they favor. Which they view as ethically acceptable.
Which is why Republican conservatism is a failed ideology. Because it is not an ideology at all. It is merely a watered-down (and hypocritical) version of the ideology espoused by its supposed opposite, the “liberal” Democrats.
They are birds of a feather. Opposing sides of the same Janus. They argue like hyenas over the spoils. Not about the idea of taking spoils at all.
This is why the Tea Party is a bad joke. Why there’s no debate about “the issues” – at the national level at least; and usually, at the local level, too. The basic premise – redistribution at gunpoint – is never challenged. Only the degree of the redistribution – or its object. Which is why this country – its people – will continue to practice a form of cannibalism that becomes more and more rapacious, since the “needs” upon which this cannibalism are based are limitless in principle – and increase exponentially with each election cycle – while the resources available to satisfy these needs are limited. And the incentive to produce the resources to be divvied up naturally declines with each passing year. It is inevitable that a critical mass of people will eventually shrug – or simply join the ranks of the looters.voter 1 Which in fact is exactly what’s happening. Half the country is on the take , in one way or another.
Looting will eventually become a matter of literal survival. But only a temporary one. Because soon enough, there will be no one and nothing left to loot.
And neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a solution – because they are both the source of the problem. And if you support either of them, then so are you.
If that statement made you mad, read no further. There’s no point. I cannot reach you – ideas cannot reach you. You are on one side – and I am on the other. No bridge can exist between us. In fact, I intend to burn the bridge. I want to leave you on the other side of a chasm so wide that you no longer have any physical power over me.
Here is how I will do so, beginning with one of the wealth transfers at gunpoint so favored by “good Republicans” – Social Security:
I don’t want any.
Even though I have been forced to “contribute” for 25 years. Even though I am “entitled” – under your system of wealth transfer – to my “fair share.”
Because I refuse to be a thief – or the beneficiary of thievery. looter pic
You and your ilk will continue to forcibly take my money in order to pay for your “benefits.”  There is nothing I can do – yet – about that. I know, also, that I will never recover the mountain of my money already taken by threat of violence over the past several decades of my working life. It is long gone, transferred by violence to people I don’t even know.
But what makes me different – and what I hope will make others who read this and decide to follow my example different – is that I know I’ve been robbed and that my having been robbed does not justify my robbing others in turn. I will break the cycle. I want no part of stolen goods. Keep your “benefits.”
I will keep my self-respect.
And by doing so, deny you yours.
I will force you to come to terms with what you are – a looter.
Perhaps it will make you uncomfortable. Perhaps it will not. But I will have the satisfaction of knowing what I am not – and knowing what you are.
The same goes for everything that’s of a piece.
I will not demand that taxes be imposed on you in order to “help” my children. If I produced them; they are my obligation – and one else is obligated to provide funds to assist me in raising them. libertarian wheel
My health care is my business. Yours is yours.
I will not “ask” that government subsidize my business – or bail me out when it fails. Because I know that any such assistance I receive will come as the result of extortion and threats levied at people who owe me nothing except the goodwill that ought to exist among civilized men.
I will never seek to use force to compel other people to do what I may think is in their best interests. Even if it actually is in their best interests. Instead, I will hew strictly to the principle of leaving them alone – unless – and until – they have done me an actual harm.
I will never stick my hand in your pockets – or my nose in your affairs – and only ask the same from you in return.
I don’t give a hoot who you marry, or what you put into your body – or how you elect to live. So long as you don’t expect me to pay for it – and don’t cause me (or anyone else) a provable physical harm as a result of what you do – have at it.
And go in peace.
No more special privileges; no more theft-by-ballot. No more anything – except respect for the equal and inalienable rights of every man to be free to pursue happiness as he sees it.
An ideal which many Americans once believed in.
And which, in time, they may once believe in again.

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Only the Fool

Open your eyes!
Only the fool trusts his:
1. Soul to a Preacher !
2. Health to a Doctor !
3. Right's to a Lawyer !
4. Choices to a Politician !
5. Money to a Banker !
6. Information from a TV news channel !
7. History from a school system !
8. Education from a University !
9. Security from a police force !
10. Freedom from a government !
11. Nuke Safety from the NRC!

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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions

By David G. Hanger
August 07, 2013, 2013
Wednesday PM

In the nineteenth and the early twentieth century we brought the “chink” and the “wetback” to the factory via massive in-migration. In the early twenty-first century we have reversed the process and now via outsourcing bring the factory to the “wetback” and to the “chink.” The intent in both instances is, nonetheless, the same, to degrade labor to the point of a peonage as close to slave labor as is humanly possible.
As first conceived in the mid-1980s the concept of “globalization” meant increased profits and opportunities to large business concerns by opening up overseas markets, in other words producing and selling more product; but it quickly morphed into “multi-nationalism,” a beast of far different and much more sinister character. In the hands of the corporatists “multi-nationalism” has come to mean simply “above and beyond” nations, and absolutely beyond any set of national laws. To the multi-nationalists the very concept of the “nation” is obsolete; and they are hell bent to destroy the concept as quickly as possible because it suits them; they want to be masters and monarchs of us all. A “super monarchy” is where this crap is headed, and damned fast at that. These are the most treasonous creatures in the history of the world; they have contempt for everything and everybody except their own larded asses.
They have set out very consciously to convince you that their greed is good for everybody else; and damned any parent among you if this crap is the legacy you intend to bestow upon your children.
For they degrade and demean the very act of work itself.
This is by conscious intent, not some accident or inadvertence occurring as consequence of some phenomena.
In 1981 Robert Welch first verbalized the mantra of this abomination, “The purpose of business management is to maximize the wealth of the shareholders.” It seems so simple it has to be logical, but what it really is saying is that “capital” is everything, and everything else is meaningless. The very purpose of the concept of the “corporation” is to accumulate capital, allocate the profits to the fewest individuals possible, and to hell with who or what you crap all over in the process. Nations can fall, democracy destroyed, millions killed by pollution and by industrial accidents, and none of that matters because “the purpose of business management is to maximize the wealth of the shareholders.”
In other words, if one is to truly adhere to this mantra, the whole purpose of human existence is to create corporate institutions that enrich beyond the wildest dreams of Midas or Croesus a few hundred individuals out of hundreds of millions, and to impoverish, if not kill, the rest. That cannot be the purpose of any business activity.
To corrupt the concept of “corporatism” to have that meaning is precisely what the multi-nationals have been doing for quite some time now.
On a radio visit last year the host asked me how any country could impose tax laws or minimum wage laws on any corporation that has as its choice relocation to some other country where such laws do not exist, as if this was the natural way of things. What is actually much more natural is that Hershey’s is located in Pennsylvania because that is where the family started the business, not because of its proximity to the raw materials of the business. Detroit in the meantime is conveniently located respective the raw materials needed to produce automobiles. In most instances with American corporations, though, they were originally located proximate to the location where their founders lived, nothing more complicated than that. Whatever else can be said historically it has not in any sense been “natural” to take U.S. corporations and transfer their operations overseas to exploit slave labor provided by dictators, just so they can avoid minimum wage laws. Nothing natural about that at all.
Corporations do not exist in a vacuum, and it cannot be the purpose of any corporation “to maximize the wealth of the shareholders” at the cost of the nation or of its citizens. In the first instance a corporation can exist at all only because of the rule of law operating in a secure society where safety of person and property is guaranteed. Without transportation networks and massive quantities of other types of infrastructure, all created by someone else, and much of that by government, i.e. the people as “collective;” without prospective employees and markets, a corporation cannot begin to function.
So to assert that everything gravitates to the top, and the rest be damned is a lie on its surface. If a corporation is not of great value to the society and to the individuals of that society, it has little justification for existence.
Not that long ago as the decades are counted the right wing in this country had a campaign motto that went like this, “America, love it or leave it,” generally alluding then to the same group of people right wingers allude to now, i.e. everyone who disagrees with their point of view. Now, of course, these same right wingers have discovered the advantage of crawling into bed with Communist dictators, Muslim dictators, and right wing dictators all over the world, all that cheap slave labor.
Red China used to be the name for this mess in China, and I don’t see any reason why that name should be changed. They have put up a lot of gloss and fa├žade, but Red China remains in the clutches of the nastiest dictatorship on this planet, a dictatorship that killed at least 20 million of its own people as recently as the Cultural Revolution of 1966, and that employs the bulk of its people in unsafe working environments under slave labor conditions. Twenty-four cents an hour and a minimum work week of 86 hours is slave labor.
Last I looked we are at war with Islam. I realize we claim otherwise, and I actually believe we are just at war with ourselves at this point. Terrorists have and will always exist, and according them “nation” status is stupid; treat them like the criminals they are. But until further notice all of Islam has been placed in the “red zone” of danger and badness; Shariah law, not secular law, government by Mohammed. It’s not just a terrorist under every bush; are we not supposed to be perpetually terrorized by the prospect of being governed by the Koran?
And look at who all these “multi-national” U.S. corporatists are employing? Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia, the slave labor of a Communist dictatorship, anyone but a U.S. citizen. Then they wrap themselves up in an American flag and call themselves patriots.
Nor can one legitimately argue that these products can only be produced at a retail cost that sells the product only with slave labor because every one of these products was being produced by U.S. employees at U.S. wage scales before the factories and the jobs were shipped overseas. The “false profits” created by the employment of overseas slave labor is treason in two directions. While simultaneously weakening this country in their efforts to trash the American middle class, they strengthen Communist, Muslim, and right wing dictatorships the world over.
All this just to pocket the difference, and to use this money politically to destroy democracy in this country. But one way or the other their overreaching greed will destroy them. These morons don’t know how to fix their own toilets. Destroy the middle class, and they destroy their own markets. Destroy their own markets, and they will not be able to replenish their filthy nest with further profits. If they expect to survive on their hoarded largesse, bad news again; the pissed off folks who built those gated communities will dismantle them bolt by bolt and board by board; and all the nickel-plated .44 mags in existence don’t mean squat when your opposition can drop you from 650 meters and out with one shot.
The denial of consciously intended class warfare by the rich and the super rich is the biggest lie of all. These traitorous bastards have as their specific and obvious intent the destruction of the American middle class and the very nation itself, while hoarding such massive accumulations of wealth as will assure their hereditary social, economic, and political power in perpetuity; in short, a return to monarchy.
But that is not enough. The value of work must be degraded to the level of slavery and peonage; in other words, as the rich get richer and richer and move away from us in terms of increased wealth, so, too, we move away from them at almost equivalent velocity as our wealth, the value of our work, in relative terms is decreased, is degraded into something less than nothing.
Life is not a lottery with odds of ten million to one determining who makes it while the rest suck. Life is too precious for that kind of conceptualization. Life is the battle against the void, against the nothingness of non-existence, and a world of limited resources cannot limit those resources to the few at the cost of the detriment of everyone else. I had hoped we had advanced a bit more than that in the last century or so, but this is a clear regression.
Dug out from whatever evil recesses they have been hidden, long discredited social theories have recently been re- popularized by the super rich to justify the greed and the treason of the super rich. Eugenics, social Darwinism, the insipid “objectivist” teachings of Ayn Rand, in many ways more Hitlerian than Hitler. She claimed, of course, to lack racial bias; but her thinking was very white; and in her world only the “prime movers” (read “job creators”) had the right to exist; all others should “perish as they should.” Her views fit nicely with the theories of the environmental right wing, that only 500 million humans will be alive in the year 2100.
When you consider that Great Britain recently announced it expects one-third of its babies born in 2012 to live to be at least one hundred years old, one does have to wonder who isn’t going to make the cut.
The purpose of business and business management is not to “maximize the wealth of the shareholders.” The purpose of business is to nurture our posterity. The latter formulation may at first byte seem as trite as the former, but as in science the simplest observations often result in the most complex theorems. Each corporation profits by providing a product or service that society thinks it wants or needs. A product or service must be produced or provided in some way, and that requires the merging of capital with materials and labor. Thus at the first level of intersection a corporation interfaces with its market, with its materials vendors, and with labor. Each group has its interests, its needs, and its desires. At the second and third levels of intersection there is the community in which a corporation is physically located and the local, regional, and national governments and the laws they enforce.
To say that any corporation operates in a vacuum is simply not true. The purpose of any corporation supersedes the corporation at a point where the product or service is perceived as a “need” by these other groups. It’s just like any invention; once turned loose in the hands of its users it quickly, virtually immediately, becomes something else. No matter that the “need” is only perceived; a fabrication; not real. The corporation has long since become more than the sum of its parts.
“Maximizing the wealth of the shareholders” has its place; it is not, however, a dominating value. It is a relative value that generally demands superiority of “place” in the pecking order. Capital perceives itself as being more important than labor; to an extent that is true. Capital is in greater demand, labor is in greater supply. Rare are the moments when the opposite is true.
A corporation’s relationships with its vendors are often far more complicated and consequentially far-reaching than its relationship with labor; and with government exist the most complicated relationships of all.
It remains a curious question whether historically the armies and navies of Western Europe followed the traders to the New World, or whether the traders followed the armies and the navies; and the answer to that question in the modern world remains as curious today; but in general terms it appears the case for the time being that a nation can decide whether a corporation exists, but a corporation cannot decide whether a nation exists. The fact that appears to be changing is, of course, what we are concerned about here.
Current corporate management would have us believe that none of these other groups’ interests or concerns has any merit whatsoever; that they are interchangeable nodules of inconsequential nonsense. That’s crap.
When a U.S. corporation relocates its operation to China to exploit slave labor, it is displacing American laborers with that slave labor, pocketing the difference in cash (No, the retail price will not go down.). The ripple effect of damaging consequences to labor, to vendors, to American communities, and to government institutions is profound. For the excessive greed of a handful, an incredible amount of real economic damage is inflicted.
These people claim in most instances to be U.S. citizens, but they support slave labor in overseas dictatorships. They finance dictatorships to the detriment of this country. They finance themselves to the detriment of this country. By their own historical standards they are the most hypocritical of traitors, aggrandizing a Communist dictatorship at the expense of their own country. Then they claim maximum rights of U.S. citizenship.
What I see is a group of people who don’t give a damned about anybody or anything, who think they live in a vacuum, and our job is to take whatever crap they dish out.
They want to own the world, give it to them. The world I am told is four-fifths water, so let them rule the waves. Revoke their citizenship, rent some cruise ships, and send them packing, on perpetual world cruises. Then they just have to stare each other in the face; they don’t have to worry about us, and we don’t have to worry about them. True multi-nationals; no country at all.
In the meantime boycott their products and them right out of business. Apple is one of the worst offenders with this garbage, but the perceived “need” for their product is also great. Boycotting Macs out of existence would be difficult, and probably not preferable. There are plenty of substitutes, however, for Etch A Sketches and Peppermint Patties. Boycott them to hell. Why would you even think of giving your child a toy that you know was produced by slave labor for twenty-four cents an hour with a minimum work week of 86 hours? How can you even consider such a thing?
The U.S. Tax Code is on occasion punitive. The tax system is invariably designed to encourage certain types of economic behavior, while discouraging others. At the extreme are such entities as personal holding companies, which the U.S. government considers so intolerable the tax rate is 108%. You pay the government more than you make.
To stop the treason that so much of this outsourcing in fact is I recommend to the U.S. Congress the imposition of the “American Workers Dignity, Respect, and Equalization Tax,” a 108% tax on the differential between slave labor wages paid overseas and the American wages and benefits displaced by this outsourcing, the specific intent being to stop U.S. right wingers from crawling into bed with overseas dictators of whatever ilk to exploit their slave labor because “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…………………..”, etc.
And these greedheads are not really us.
Read and forward; let others see.
David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received August 07, 2013 - Published August 07, 2013