Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The fallacy of "educating the masses"

Many of us seek to awaken the sleeping sheep to the ever-growing dangers we face, while admirable as a goal it has never been accomplished in america. It has always been far easier to shepherd them like lemmings to follow the leaders right off the cliff in whatever direction the masters of deception prefer. If not for individual and exceptional efforts we would have fallen into tyranny at the outset, for the bill of rights was forced upon the constitutional congress convened in philly only by the minority and outspoken few. The majority of those slavers, smugglers and pharisees gathered together in 1787 were quite evidently happy without such trivial matters as individual rights.
When the confederation was faced with defeat of the new con-stitution they buckled a bit and conceded to the addendum of the bill of rights while privately knowing each and every one of those rights was already compromised in the lies and loopholes they inserted within the main body of the document.
When bush 43 called the con-stitution a damned piece of paper he merely reflected the contempt of all the conspirators in philly that summer of '87.
To think any of the protections outlined in the BOR were genuine would be to deny reality of the Alien and Sedition Act that made political prisoners of anyone not a blind follower of their new masters. When the Whiskey Rebellion was put down it was not by anyone less than Washington himself, that slaver, speculator and whiskey distiller himself that wrote in special language to protect the largest, richest of the time and put penalties upon the smallest and weakest.
Pure corporatism/fascism from the start and it was only the beginning.
We now have a government that reflects the true path those founding fathers had in mind, pure government of profit that disregards anything but that fictional idol called the dollar.
To imagine the lemmings grasping at the root of the issue in these times is foolhardy and a waste of effort. Just think of converting a fictional icon like Archie Bunker into a chemtrail activist, har, har har.
The masses can be dumbed down but cannot be enlightened, the fraud is too ingrained and there are too many with a stake in the fictional matrix called usa inc.
Obama is the perfect example of the mass deception created by the greatest liar ever, he promised hope and change, to fundamentally transform america.
I conclude he has indeed achieved many of his goals, but not as the fictional construct the msm laid out, but the transparency of his goal still eludes the voting masses, to subdue, infirm and process the population into the gulags.
To march alone is the most dangerous path, to concede to tyranny the easiest. My path is framed by the bones of my ancestors,   leaving the european kings and their minions behind and seeking freedom alone in the wilderness.
To be or not to be...free and alone, or enslaved with the masses.  The enlightened will forever be sought out and squashed by the  hive. I will not be assimilated into the borg mind ever again.
Live free or die indeed, if not for liberty why bother with the journey?

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