Wednesday, July 31, 2013

disassociative ignorance disorder

The conscious effort to remain ignorant when faced with the terrible conclusions and overwhelming evidence of a global effort to depopulate the planet and the related terror and treachery from your own government.
I find the following to be true, the old axiom of "ignorance is bliss" to have a conclusive effect on how tyranny succeeds or fails. 
 Across the sands of time and across the seas of the dead masses the governed always resist too late and when too weakened by the tyrants and their eager dupes enforcing "policy" to have any chance at stopping the genocides committed by the states. It is the clinging to the plausible deniability and imposed ignorance by the state run media today that a people can be plundered, pillaged and murdered by within.
To look into the skies and pass chemtrails off as contrails that is one such example by the individual, the efforts of the state run media to deny the catastrophic Fukushima triple reactor meltdown event is another.
Nobody likes to admit to being the dupe of a fraudster, charlatan or false prophet anymore than can admit to themselves that their government is in the fascist camp and plodding toward internal genocide. How do those people cope with the facts and sleep at all when the signs are everywhere and the easiest way to cope is to self commit to ignorance.
There are hundreds of not thousands of examples of genocides, democides to be more precise within this last hundred years, indeed this is a very deadly chapter of earths governments killing their own populations for what seems to be pure human sacrifice and yet the masses never want to admit they are next to be added to the victim lists. Humanity is a pretty word misinterpreted by many to convey the picture of a generous and loving species when the true definition should be a murderous and cultish race bent on the destruction of not only nations, but entire species. Humanity is an oxymoron.
If humanity,,any part of it can endure and persist to ignore the obvious planetary threats it will be a wonder if any will survive the coming and immediate threats we all face, but the masses will make it a task indeed.
Jesus wept when he realized the depth of the problem and depravity he witnessed,, and I weep also.

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