Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ever the Realist:

There is no way to undo or stop the violence and abuses of govt.
It has progressed too far and mutilated the earth to the point of assisted suicide aka,, obamacare by diktat from time immemorial.
To convey the perspective of the "pharoahs, priests and policy is to get biblical and "subdue the earth", to exploit and search for more to swallow up, consume, utilize and exhume.
Expendable assets like humans are not "rare earth elements", to the contrary the pharoahs see the population as parasite, a virus, competition for resources that they alone as kings, ministers and presidents "rightly" own title to as divine rights.
Whether it be moral or just is no impediment to "can it be done".
Viewing roughly seven billion humans with such contempt is bound to be evident to even the slightly aware and sometimes even the masses of addled tv head voters.
Fukushima is one example of the outright hostility of these creatures, GMO another, chemtrails and the list goes on and on. To decontaminate the earth of merely atomic pollution is something beyond armageddon in practical terms, the obliteration and wiping the earth to the mantle and rebuilding fresh continents and seas is a billion year process that none of us hope to see.
The pharoah class is working with that as the goal, the Revelations of the Bible is not a warning, but a road map to a new, unblemished and virgin earth. To them we bug class humans are idiots and fools that deserve contempt, derision and exploitation.
To view the "leaders" of any city, county, state or nation without realizing they see you with a bar code on your head already is to be ripe for picking.
They have twisted the brains of humans as a species ruthlessly for every generation in existence.
To view any human as incorruptible  is foolhardy and dangerous, to view the pharoah class with anything short of viper class cold emotionless disregard is to invite genocide openly into your home.
That is precisely what billions are doing when watching tv, the tv projects you into myth and fiction intended only to hasten the next genocide and passively assist  by not resisting at all.
If you are human. you must resist somehow and shout your disapproval.
If there are still elements within the matrix that know things are evil but hesitant to take physical actions you can still resist by standing down, genocide is not a alternative for the globe but a certainty that you will either embrace or resist but the time to back out is rapidly vanishing.
The Beast is actively recruiting and consuming souls in every nation, every family is or will soon be impacted by his reach.
To resist is quite dangerous, to be an accomplice is unforgivable.
Not warning others is not risking catastrophe, it is guaranteeing it.
Have a voice for humanity.  

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