Friday, June 29, 2012

On December 26, 1933, 49 Statute 3097, Treaty Series 881, “Convention on Rights
and Duties of States”, CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, placing
all states under international law.
On December 9, 1945, International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every
public office of the United States to the United Nations.
22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 92.12-92.31 FR Heading “Foreign
Relationship” states that oath is required to take office.
Title 8 USC 1481 states, once oath of office is taken citizenship is relinquished, thus
the oath taker becomes a foreign entity, agency, or state. That means every public office
is a foreign state, even all political subdivisions; i.e., every single court is considered

separate foreign entity.
Title 22 USC, “Foreign Relations and Intercourse”, Chapter 11 identifies all public
officials as foreign agents.

"Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt,

pacem appellant." -- Tacitus.
Translation: "To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and

where they make a desert, they call it peace."\

By their actions shall ye know them and they are now revealing themselves by their actions.

They can't help it, because it is time. Those who seek to destroy others are themselves

already destroyed.

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