Thursday, May 30, 2013
My thoughts to you President Obama: America, the whole USA would have been behind you - even your worst Opposition - if you had lived up to being the transparent Peoples President you stated you would be.
You as a black and white mixed race American, and the POTUS, had been given the greatest opportunity to bury and annihilate, any form of racism in the USA and Globally, whether historical or the present day racism (black on white or vice versa) which continues plaguing us right now. Had you lived up to the persona you sold to the People of the US and the World during your campaign for the US Presidency, you would have disarmed even your worst enemies and uniting us all as human beings across all divides - whether race creed or culture, you could have become one of the greatest presidents in US history.
But all the trust the People had placed in you, you trampled underfoot most viciously when you showed your true colors were nothing but a burning ambition to destroy America and her Freedom loving People. If today you have an ounce of courage, you would resign as the POTUS and admitting you were and are an abject failure, not insult the American people further by playing the lowdown "race-card" you did in Kentucky, but stepping down, offer yourself up to face a Tribunal by the Peoples so they may decide your fate. You are an intelligent human being, no doubt, but you have shown none of the integrity or strength of character required by a President of the People, the type of true-blue qualities a trusting US public had believed you had. Instead, you have proven to be a cad, afraid of the Corporate Cabal Rulers of the World and lacked the moral courage to send them to Hell where they belong. How do you live with yourself??
Lest you have forgotten we all are mortal and you too will die one day and will have to face your Creator, as no matter by which Name you call upon Him, the Father of us ALL, is love and He champions and cares for the humble, the ones who care for and about each other! Not even you President Obama can 'buy' yourself a place at His Feet, but may pay the ultimate price for what you have done and continue to do now.
It is not too late to come clean with the People of America even if you lose your life in the process... You would have redeemed your soul.
Please resign, it is the only honorable choice you have left.

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