Wednesday, June 26, 2013

fascinating stuff here
baseball, nba and nfl arent exactly all-american sports after you make the masonic connection and know america is amun-ra ka ,, all keys to the keys of the masons unlocking doors. the vaticans two keys open even more doors,,and the per-oh pharoah templar banks of swiss, the nine sisters of the temple mount templars hold 3 keys to unlock them all,, since money is the root of all evil of course.

they go to such trouble to hide it all,,and yet shove it in our face , spitting poison at us for not seeing it.

people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, it's all a fking game ,, catch n release or running herds off a cliff doesn't mean a damn thing since they already consider us dead. the bohemian grove cremation of care crap to eliminate empathy was just backed up again by the NASA future war docs.
sick,, and for what reward? they plan to make the frozen fearing masses lives ugly brutal and short.
this truly is the matrix and mr smith is prolific and bloodthirsty again....................

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